explication de texte

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a method of literary criticism that analyzes details of a text in order to reveal its structure and meaning

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These three pages make one wish he had devoted more time to the most important aspect of Mallarme's achievement, because, apart from this tantalizing stab at an explication de texte, he deals cursorily with one verse each from two sonnets, a few lines from L'Apres-midi d'un faune and a chunk of Un Coup de des.
The form of the book is really a sustained explication de texte of various central passages from the Dionysian corpus, and builds up to a detailed and thorough exposition of a major theme in the theology of the Areopagite.
There is a great deal of straightforward explication de texte, much of it both shrewd and illuminating, though it is an exercise that is prone to tedious rehearsal of what is already well established and generally accepted, and perhaps does not require any explication at all.
A critical analysis employing explication de texte.
Chapter 5, Hunt's explication de texte of Sade's La philosophie dans le boudoir argues that the author has taken the new republican family romance to its logical erotic conclusions in his creation of an imaginative world with no fathers, homosexual brothers, public women, and children with no parents but the state.
These are replaced by close and objective reading of the work itself--an approach in some ways not unlike the French method of detailed analysis known as explication de texte.
Chahed tenait le bon bout dans son explication de texte a la television nationale dernierement.
By his own admission McCaw is unabashedly old-fashioned in his approach: "a commentary-style explication de texte.
The book ends with a specimen explication de texte.
We learn that the overwhelming tendency is to keep secondary criticism out of the classroom and that explication de texte is the most popular teaching method (11).
He was also a hard-line "New Critic," which meant he stressed explication de texte and eschewed any recourse to an author's life or times.
The second explication de texte sets out to show intertextuality (Genesis, Plato)--why not?
Ce dernier devra, tres certainement, sortir du bois prochainement pour une autre explication de texte.
The remark 'Je ne puis rien concevoir de plus inutile et de plus improbable qu'un cache-sexe en pierreries' also offers a useful way of putting down the salaciously minded undergraduate who hopes to embarrass you by asking for an explication de texte of the 'mythologie' about striptease.