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Synonyms for explicable

Synonyms for explicable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Antonyms for explicable

capable of being explicated or accounted for

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There will be post-mortems and an official search for a"motive" for this latest gun atrocity, as if something explicable had happened.
But Dershowitz's victory becomes more explicable when one examines the arguments put forward by him and his interlocutor.
Therefore, what you did is explicable but not excusable.
An explicable feeling of serenity and peace was there when I stood before the Holy Kaaba, as also in the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah, which is really not possible to express in words," said Khan, who is assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Aligarh Muslim University, India.
It was a craze to rival the Hula-Hoop, and even less explicable.
The author shows that science's emerging understanding of the multiverse is fully explicable in naturalistic terms with no need for supernatural forces to explain its origin or ongoing existence.
Es explicable que los panistas se hagan los amnesicos para ver si alguien les cree.
For no explicable reason, the 20-year-old pop brat stripped down to his Calvin Kleins on stage at the Fashion Rocks party in New York.
But need we really render wonders of the heart and soul as academic and explicable as novocaine and steel?
The dictionary defines a miracle as "an extraordinary and welcome event not explicable by natural or scientific laws and therefore attributed to a divine agency", so if Poyet's team escapes relegation we can safely conclude God is a Sunderland fan - albeit something of a late convert judging by the last 40 years or so.
Esta oposicion de los industriales es explicable, pues toda regulacion resulta una amenaza a sus intereses privados.
D'abord , les evenements etaient violents , une violence explicable par l'etat d'esprit des jeunes , principaux artisans de la revolution, qui ont perdu l'espoir de vivre dignement leur citoyennete .
Bohs are a shade of oddsagainst and that is explicable.
In India, where passions drive cinema swing to extremes, that bit is perhaps explicable.
A recent ruling of an Alexandrian administrative court obliging the Alexandria University President to determine a minimum wage for university employees has shed light on the issue of determining a minimum and maximum wage for civil servants, which has so far remained, for no explicable reason, mere ink on paper.