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Synonyms for explanatory

Synonyms for explanatory

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serving or intended to explain or make clear

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But we didn't find that it come up to its likeness in the red bills at the shop doors; which I meantersay," added Joe, in an explanatory manner, "as it is there drawd too architectooralooral.
And then accompanying the glance with explanatory words, "That is but too just," said she, tenderly.
She knew but little of their meeting in Derbyshire, and therefore felt for the awkwardness which must attend her sister, in seeing him almost for the first time after receiving his explanatory letter.
Her husband, really alarmed at the possibility of their leaving the old place where he had been bred and born--for he believed the old squire had small spite enough for anything-- was beginning a mild remonstrance explanatory of the inconvenience he should find in having to buy and sell more stock, with, "Well, sir, I think as it's rether hard.
For a long time Pelet bore with my frigid demeanour very patiently; he even increased his attentions; but finding that even a cringing politeness failed to thaw or move me, he at last altered too; in his turn he cooled; his invitations ceased; his countenance became suspicious and overcast, and I read in the perplexed yet brooding aspect of his brow, a constant examination and comparison of premises, and an anxious endeavour to draw thence some explanatory inference.
Dorothea spoke in a full cordial tone, half caressing, half explanatory.
If the history of that time, and especially that of the year in the middle of which our narrative commences, were not indissolubly connected with the two names just mentioned, the few explanatory pages which we are about to add might appear quite supererogatory; but we will, from the very first, apprise the reader -- our old friend, to whom we are wont on the first page to promise amusement, and with whom we always try to keep our word as well as is in our power -- that this explanation is as indispensable to the right understanding of our story as to that of the great event itself on which it is based.
The explanatory note for the proposed measure reasons out that the OCGG sometimes refers its cases to the OSG anyway.
Optionall Instruments of the European Union: A Definitional, Normative and Explanatory Study
These explanatory or attributional styles can be categorized in three ways:
Objective: To elicit the beliefs and perception of patients with schizophrenia about their illness by using Short Explanatory Model Interview (SEMI).
I decompose the variance of output and separate the explanatory power of observables from that of the residual.
The aim of this essay is to establish the claim that this can be best done if one theorizes in terms of explanatory games rather than focusing on the explication of the concept of explanation.
The problems of incorrect understanding of the memorandum and the economic consequences of the Kumtor stoppage can be solved through conducting explanatory works among the local population explaining the legal and economic justifications for the project's restructuring necessity to improve the position of Kyrgyzstan, Tajibaev continued.