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(logic) a statement of something (a fact or thing or expression) to be explained

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The point of T1 would be the following: in using arguments to seek conviction about explanations, one should employ what seems to be case as witnesses and examples in order to avoid the emptiness of inappropriate explanations: in this context, "what seems to the case" would refer to the explanation that most competently delivers its explanatory service, i.e., most appropriately sticks with the exact explanandum at stake.
SE replaces an explanandum by another, and says nothing about the latter explanandum.
(8) Esto no quiere decir que las explicaciones basadas en el eter o en el flogisto no puedan resultar insatisfactorias por otras razones; sin embargo, ninguna razon parece mejor para rechazar una explicacion que saber que las entidades o propiedades explicativas a las cuales se hace referencia en el explanans no existen (salvo, quizas, que el explanandum mismo sea falso).
As I will later put it, the rationalizing explainer sees the explanandum belief either as a state of an agent, or as a state of a system belonging to an agent.
Even if that were possible, the explanandum has shifted to the individual from the macroeconomic variable: macroeconomics would be denatured.(11)
Por lo tanto, ha de decir que los eventos mentales causan eventos que no son fisicos, o, al menos, que no estan sometidos al principio del cierre causal del mundo fisico (esta es la "estrategia del doble explanandum").
Consequently, for the reader to derive the value of these hundred or so entries, he must keep a watchful eye on the explanatory notes section to anticipate the appearance of the explanandum in the text.
His scientific mentor was less Bagehot than that other coiner of immortal policy tags, Richard Rose, whose notion of inertia as the dominant explanandum of policy, propelled his theoretical scan.
Such hypotheses are unlikely to trouble scientists greatly, however, for a one whose testable content was so meagre as to be the same as that of this explanandum. Moreover, there is good reason to believe that Popper has been deceived by this notion of an ad [hoc.sub.p] hypothesis, and that he is not alone in this regard.
En el argumento a favor del externalismo se acepta implicitamente que las propiedades relacionales presentes en el explanandum exigen postular propiedades relacionales en el explanans.
The explanations of the phenomenon, according to Hempel and Oppenheim (1948), can be broken down into two constituent aspects: the explanandum (1) and the explanans.
O segundo, em sede logica, dedica-se a dynamis apofantica da linguagem, mais especificamente ao problema da definicao, averiguando a possibilidade de um mesmo explanans dar conta de mais do que um explanandum, tendo em vista a passagem II.16-17 dos Segundos Analiticos.
In terms of their precise explanandum, nearly all 'internalisation' scholars focused on explicating FDI and the MNE, as opposed to the internationalisation of production as a whole.
In our study, the role chosen by the researcher is regarded as the outcome to be explained (explanandum).
Parallel to the establishment of constructivist approaches of nationalism research, also the border has become an explanandum instead of an explanans.