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Synonyms for explainable

capable of being explained or accounted for

Synonyms for explainable

capable of being understood

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By embedding AI and machine learning into its products, Temenos will accelerate the release of explainable models that will underpin new AI use cases that focus on creating seamless customer journeys and automating manual processes with self-learning capabilities.
London-based Logical Glue is a provider of the Explainable AI (XAI) platform.
He says "explainable AI" is also an important research topic.
Kyoto, Japan, June 25, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Hacarus Inc, the leading provider of lightweight and explainable AI, was today awarded the Grand Prize by DS Pharma Animal Health for its innovative AI-enabled technology platform 'HACARUS.ai'.
DARPA's explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) program endeavors to create AI systems whose learned models and decisions can be understood and appropriately trusted by end users.
To address this, there are newer techniques emerging broadly called explainable AI.
For Thales, the acquisition will establish explainable AI processes for applications in safety-critical environments.
"It was a hard week mentally for the players and I think that's why the result, in a way, is then explainable."
Loeb previously pointed out that 'Oumuamua speeds up in a manner that is not possible or explainable if we consider the gravitational pull of the sun.
Modality Is Not Explainable by Essence, CARLOS ROMERO
It's important for society that AI algorithms can be explainable, so that they can be held accountable for the decisions they make."
The AI-generated claim investigation hit should always be explainable to the customers, and FRISS ensures that their score provides actionable insights.
of Explainable AI as well as the optimization of deep neural networks that were
The publication points out that the high level of activity of the Bulgarian commissioner is explainable, as her Digital Economy and society practically affects everything.