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having come to an end or become void after passage of a period of time


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At his private clinic located at Multani Gate Bahawalpur, Dr Sajid had administered an expired injection to the patient whose marriage took place just two days ago.
He claims powerful people are conspiring to grab the expired leases and pastoralists are just trying to recover their ancestral land before it is stolen again.
He will represent the American Legion and serve for a term expired July 15, 2019.
She's one of 336 holdover appointees in Texas - people whose terms on one of the state's boards or commissions have expired but whose replacements have not been named.
Islamabad -- The hospitals of twin cities are providing expired medicines to patients, it was revealed.
UNION HEALTH Minister Harsh Vardhan ordered a probe after a M AIL T ODAY investigation revealed that the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences is using expired non-surgical consumables like blood collection needles, blood collection tubes and infusion sets.
Expired goods were among the items donated for thousands of victims of super- typhoon "Yolanda," an official of Caritas Manila yesterday admitted.
Summary: Holcim, an international concrete company, will provide an industrial incinerator to help dispose with Lebanon's lingering stores of expired food.
Bulgaria's Food Safety Agency is launching Monday mass checks of grocery stores and supermarkets for expired food.
Walgreens' new program to give customers another way to dispose of expired over-the-counter and prescription drugs is affordable and good for the environment, according to Robert Tompkins, divisional vice president and general merchandise manager for health and wellness.
Dubai: New inspection teams have been set up to crack down on companies with expired labour cards registered on their Ministry of Labour records.
The terms of office for all but Stewart expired at the end of the conference.
14, 2005, the statute of limitations on assessment has expired, or when the taxpayer has entered into a closing agreement trader Sec.
Tolub has determined that a tenant who stays on after their lease has expired is not only liable contractually to their landlord, but also for any damages incurred to the incoming tenant because they are unable to get into the space.
Domain name registrar and web hosting provider Net24 has launched Expired Domains (www.