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Synonyms for expiration

Synonyms for expiration

a coming to an end of a contract period

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euphemistic expressions for death

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Wenatchee License number: ELIASL*875DA Expiration date: March I, 2015
The previous analysis argues that both hedgers and speculators potentially would benefit from a reduction in the number of listed single stock futures expiration months.
If the investor wanted downside protection below $55 through the end of the year, he could purchase January expiration 55-strike puts for $4 per share and sell January expiration 70-strike calls at $4 per share.
If T is a member of another consolidated group immediately before its purchase by P, the expiration of its loss carryforwards is deemed to occur immediately after it ceases to be a member of the prior group (Regs.
For the expiration breath-holding method, patients are asked to inhale slightly and then exhale to relax their abdominal muscles and diaphragm, then hold their breath.
Stocks with options listed on the CBOE are classified into one of three expiration cycles.
Owner: Martha and Michael Kullman Address: 3790 Viewmont Drive, Wenatchee License number: CONTECC912OQ Expiration date: Sept.
50 ACPE#: 372-000-04-008-H04 Expiration date: 11/22/2007 Supported by Thomson Micromedex
The consideration to be paid for each Note validly tendered and not validly withdrawn after the Consent Date but prior to the Expiration Date is $1,044.
Owner: David Joseph Murphy Address: 12140 Emig Drive, Leavenworth License number: CONCECS911KO Expiration date: June 1, 2011
Except for the extension of the expiration date, all other terms, conditions and provisions of the tender offer remain effective.
Owner: John Douglas Black Address: 790 Black Forest Road, Wenatchee License number: BLACKFF910CK Expiration date: Feb.
Daleco Resources Corporation (OTCBB:DLOV) announced today that its Board of Directors, effective as of December 14, 2006, extended the Expiration Date for the Participation Warrants issued in connection with the Company's $1,625,000 Private Placement Offering in September 2005, from December 31, 2006, until September 16, 2007 and the Expiration Date for the Contingent Warrants issued in connection with the Company's $1,625,000 Private Placement Offering in September 2005, from December 31, 2007, until September 16, 2008.
Rosendahl Address: 105 Birch, Leavenworth License number: ACEHAHS926L4 Expiration date: June 24, 2010
If the Company elects to extend the Expiration Date past April 30, 2007, the interest rate on the Notes will increase from the London Interbank Rate plus 7.