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Synonyms for expiration

Synonyms for expiration

a coming to an end of a contract period

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euphemistic expressions for death

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Dividend information is obtained from Moody's Dividend Record, and risk-free rates are obtained from the Wall Street Journal using treasury bills with maturity dates closest to the option expiration dates.
As of the expiration date, the company had received basic subscriptions and over-subscriptions for a total of 4,023,779 shares, exceeding the 3,581,148 shares offered in the rights offering, subject to adjustment upon expiration of the guaranteed delivery period.
143337260 and 143337278) (the "Notes") validly tendered pursuant to the previously announced offer to purchase for cash up to USUSD 250,000,000 (the "Offer") after the Early Tender Deadline but at or before the Expiration Time has been increased from USUSD 967.50 per USUSD 1,000 principal amount of Notes, to USUSD 997.50 per US USD 1,000 principal amount of Notes that Telecom accepts for purchase (the "Tender Offer Consideration").
The No expiration date album is expected to drop on October 20 across all major streaming platforms worldwide.
Microsoft explained that removing password expiration policies does not mean changing requirements for minimum password length, history, or complexity.
The Company has accepted for purchase all of the Notes validly tendered in the Tender Offer and not validly withdrawn on or prior to the Expiration Date.
'We are grateful to the NTC, DICT, and DTI for giving us ample time to prepare for the smooth and seamless implementation of the extension of the expiration period across all denominations,' Globe said.
To achieve this purpose, we adapt the external information search model proposed by Schmidt and Spreng (1996) with variables relevant in the context of grocery shopping, such as time pressure during grocery shopping as perceived cost of information search, perceived risk, and health consciousness representing the benefits of information search, motivation of checking expiration dates representing motivation to search, and the amount of expiration date search effort exerted while shopping for and before consuming perishable products representing external information search activity.
Of the 39 submitted applications, after the checks carried out and after the expiration of the deadline for elimination of shortcomings, 34 independent candidates have been verified to take part in the General Elections in 2018, the CEC BiH announced.
RevBase identifies when a marketing item has reached its expiration date.
Brigadier Abdullah Ali Munkis, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police, said municipal inspectors found the business was manipulating expiration dates by packing products in bags and boxes with new expiration dates for resale.
In a statement, PACP said that this company was supplying equipment and other supplies to a number of hospitals and healthcare centres that did not comply with the set standards as their expiration dates were tampered with.
License number: CANNOC*8420T Expiration date: Sept.
Many patients discard medications when they pass the expiration date.