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Synonyms for expertness

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Synonyms for expertness

skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge

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The fair measure of deference to an agency administering its own statute has been understood to vary with circumstances, and courts have looked to the degree of the agency's care, its consistency, formality, and relative expertness, and to the persuasiveness of the agency's position.
In modernist terms, the helping professions are seen as keepers of knowledge that deny the expertise of lived experience in favor of privileged practitioner expertness, thus further marginalizing clients and denying them access to the power related to constructing shared narratives and solutions (Bitter, 2009).
Heppner, Rosenberg, and Hedgespeth (1993) emphasized the client's attributions of the therapist's expertness, trustworthiness and attractiveness as central to the success of therapy.
But their expertness is not shown in framing and executing policies, but in discovering and making known the facts upon which the former depend .
It all depends on the skill and expertness in mathematical and physical branches of knowledge.
Effects of source expertness, physical attractiveness, and supporting arguments on persuasion: A case of brains over beauty.
Take his recent guest appearance on the Fox News Channel, where, in his signature expertness, he actually said President O.
However, Stephens further explains that Hemingway balanced his "highly personal approach and comment against conventions" (135) and developed a formula consisting of the following: a citation of the artist's credentials, personal expertness, significance of the work's appearance or inception, struggle with his own status as a man of letters, comments on quality, and finally, positioning the work within an artistic tradition.
The second was to develop expertness that could influence policy by working with legislators as experts.
For example, Barak and LaCrosse (1975) found three dimensions of perceived effective counselor behavior, expertness, attractiveness, and trustworthiness, by undergraduate psychology students watching films of counselors' interviewing behaviors.
1, 14 (2005) ("Our desire to have courts determine questions of law is related to a belief in their possession of expertness in regard to such questions.
Thesis of elder expertness, agriculture college, Tehran university.
Visser (1978: 1735) defines the reference of the verb as "natural or acquired capacity or ability" and lists its plausible meanings at this stage: "'to be able to', 'to have the power, ability, capacity, fitness or expertness to', 'to be in a position to', 'to be endowed with a talent for (-ing)', 'to be a good hand at' [.
The whole point is to empower government officials, usually unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, to bless or curse your petitions as they see fit, guided, of course, by their expertness in a law so vast, so intricate, and so capricious that it could justify a hundred different outcomes in the same case.
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