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Synonyms for expertness

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Synonyms for expertness

skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge

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Thesis of elder expertness, field of education and propagation of agriculture, Tabriz university.
Visser (1978: 1735) defines the reference of the verb as "natural or acquired capacity or ability" and lists its plausible meanings at this stage: "'to be able to', 'to have the power, ability, capacity, fitness or expertness to', 'to be in a position to', 'to be endowed with a talent for (-ing)', 'to be a good hand at' [.
The whole point is to empower government officials, usually unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, to bless or curse your petitions as they see fit, guided, of course, by their expertness in a law so vast, so intricate, and so capricious that it could justify a hundred different outcomes in the same case.
thoroughness, logic, and expertness, its fit with prior interpretations,
GeOxygene: Built on Top of the Expertness of the French NMA to Host and Share Advanced GI Science Research Results.
Filled with the tropes of Romantic painting, the photographs demonstrate his preference for dramatic landscapes and are rendered with an expertness that betrays their careful construction.
This purpose is to bring into living encounter the moral and religious issues in foreign policy with the expertness that can only be gained from specialized study and from actual responsibility in the preparations of positions of state.
218, 228 (2001) ("The fair measure of deference to an agency administering its own statute has been understood to vary with circumstances, and courts have looked to the degree of the agency's care, its consistency, formality and relative expertness.
In a study on "Credibility of Newspaper and TV News", Lee (1978) employed expertness, intimacy, trustworthiness, dynamism, trustworthy/authenticity, bias, immediacy/intimacy, availability, and dynamism/ expertness to develop a comprehensive and appropriate semantic differential scales in his study.
134, 139 40 (1944), the weight accorded to the agency's view depends on "the degree of the agency's care, its consistency, formality, and relative expertness, and .
Landis once noted regarding the division of legal labor between judges and administrators: "Our desire to have courts determine questions of law is related to a belief in their possession of expertness with regard to such questions.
1) reward power, based on P's [person affected by power-over agent, O] perception that O has the ability to mediate rewards for him; (2) coercive power, based on P's perception that O has the ability to mediate punishments for him; (3) legitimate power, based on the perception by P that O has a legitimate right to prescribe behaviour for him; (4) referent power, based on P's identification with O; (5) expert power, based on the perception that O has some special knowledge or expertness.
Such a ruling may surely claim the merit of its writer's thoroughness, logic, and expertness, its fit with prior interpretations, and any other sources of weight.
The personnel demonstrated a qualitative expertness and capability in handling advanced weapons in detecting, tracking and destroying hostile targets, firing real missiles.
The 18-item BAPS consists of three subscales: Intention (6 items), Stigma Tolerance (8 items), and Expertness (4 items).