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in an expert manner

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The contract is for the service to carry out the course "social welfare organization" under the project system of the regional centre of social policy "effectively, expertly, efficiently warmia and mazury implemented under priority vii, action 7.
Ably translated into English by Thomas Nugent in 1748, this edition of "The Principles Of Natural And Politic Law" by Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui (1964-1748) is expertly edited and enhanced with an Introduction by Petter Korman (Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the Academy of Finland) and part of the Liberty Fund's outstanding 'Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics' series.
England, China, Korea and Australia, the company is said to offer customers cohesive, expertly orchestrated exposure testing throughout the world.
His disgust culminates in the terrific first-act duet ``You're Nothing Without Me,'' expertly sung with Bogardus.
This beautifully illustrated and user-friendly presentation of maps, images, tables and graphs expertly describes the state of the world's water, from dams and floods to analysis of political and corporate control.
The plot twists and expertly drawn characters mare this a solid selection for males and females alike, and it is the kind of tale that will promote itself from reader to reader.
In fact, so consumed were these gentlemen by the notions of designing their houses that their relationships with architects were less the professional ones which we know today than those of patron and servant--a matter which Wilson and Mackley treat expertly.
But Munster's back-line could not hold Llanelli at bay and Mark Jones touched down for a fine try in the corner, expertly converted by Jones, who had regained his radar.
Established in 1949 and headquartered in Washington, DC, the mission of the GSA is "to provide policy leadership and expertly managed space, products, services and solutions, at the best value, to enable federal employees to do their jobs.
is the world's leading recovery audit firm, providing clients throughout the world with insightful value to optimize and expertly manage their business transactions.
Contract notice: Service to carry out three courses in the project system regional centre of social policy effectively, expertly, efficiently warmia and mazury implemented under priority vii, action 7.
Expertly translated and deftly edited, "Indian Love Poetry" compiled and organized by A.
After passing through the front door, visitors are welcomed into a gracious, light-filled home, which has been expertly finished by celebrated interior designer Nick Dine.
Author Wayne Lynch's informative and thoroughly 'kid friendly' text is beautifully and expertly illustrated by his color photography throughout.
But salmon is best when fresh, properly stored, and expertly prepared.
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