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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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On the application to call an expert witness in mechanical engineering, she urged all stakeholders to discuss in advance on the name of the expert witness as well as the questions to be submitted.
District Judge Eamonn King said: "You cannot just conjure up expert witnesses out of thin air."
? prior qualification and testimony as an expert witness
His damages related experience includes providing economic consulting and expert witness services to clients involved in both general commercial litigation matters and intellectual property disputes.
Benjamin, AOP member "As an experienced optometrist who has been practising full-time for more than 20 years, I am looking to expand my skillset in a non-clinical capacity and have been considering becoming an expert witness. Can you tell me more about what this role involves and the duties it would require of me?"
BEIRUT: Special Tribunal for Lebanon defense counselor Chad Mair cross-examined expert witness John Edward Philips throughout Tuesday's hearing, focusing on anomalies in cellular coverage maps and questioning testimonies made based on unclear data.
In arbitration an expert witness (usually shortened to 'expert') can be appointed by the tribunal but more usually each party appoints its 'own'.
has acquired US-based expert witness referral firm Expert Search Group, LLC, the company said.
Critique: For over 20 years, Stanley Brodsky s books have been essential guides for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who are called to testify as expert witnesses. "The Expert Expert Witness: More Maxims and Guidelines for Testifying in Court" is but the most recent addition to a truly impressive legacy and should be considered essential reading for students and practicing psychologists and psychiatrists -- especially since it is quite likely that sometime in the course of their professional careers they will be called upon to give testimony in a court with respect to a client or patient.
In contrast, viable claims against expert witness appraisers principally come from just one party--the appraiser's client (or the client of the attorney who retained the appraiser).
The quantity and quality of the education and professional credentials possessed by an expert witness can serve as a sign of the individual's expertise, as well as a signal of the expert's quality to potential jurors.
State attorneys expressed concerns that every fingerprint, DNA sample, and other expert witness they would seek to use in their cases would be subject to a separate "Daubert hearing," which would raise costs and slow down the prosecution of cases.
But while the desire to serve as an expert witness can be strong, a director must first learn what he or she will be getting into.
It also required plaintiffs to find a practicing or teaching physician in the same specialty as the defendant to serve as an expert witness, and to demonstrate evidence of negligence ahead of a trial.
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