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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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For over 25 years, ForensisGroup has been raising the bar for expert witness referral, having matched experts in over 10,000 cases nationwide.
Benjamin, AOP member "As an experienced optometrist who has been practising full-time for more than 20 years, I am looking to expand my skillset in a non-clinical capacity and have been considering becoming an expert witness.
BEIRUT: Special Tribunal for Lebanon defense counselor Chad Mair cross-examined expert witness John Edward Philips throughout Tuesday's hearing, focusing on anomalies in cellular coverage maps and questioning testimonies made based on unclear data.
In arbitration an expert witness (usually shortened to 'expert') can be appointed by the tribunal but more usually each party appoints its 'own'.
has acquired US-based expert witness referral firm Expert Search Group, LLC, the company said.
The quantity and quality of the education and professional credentials possessed by an expert witness can serve as a sign of the individual's expertise, as well as a signal of the expert's quality to potential jurors.
But while the desire to serve as an expert witness can be strong, a director must first learn what he or she will be getting into.
For that reason, consider not only what an opponent's expert witness is paid, but also how the expert is paid.
The Expert Witness in Islamic Courts: Medicine and Crafts in the Service of Law.
A High Court judge struck out Mr Wynne Jones's case as he was bound by a 2000 Court of Appeal decision that an expert witness was entitled to immunity and the matter went to a panel of seven Supreme Court justices as a point of general public importance.
The first of these new tools is LexisNexis Expert Witness Profiles, which is a web-based solution that is chockfull of analytical tools.
But many appraisers who have shifted their practices almost exclusively to providing expert witness testimony claim to be making a far better living than they ever did conducting property valuations for the mortgage industry.
A computer expert witness specializing in intellectual property cases, Judd Robbins offers advice to professionals who want to become expert witnesses in his recent book, Expert Witness Training.
RUSSELL JENKINS, director of Ktsowensthomas accountants, has been accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) as an expert witness in forensic accountancy.
The otolaryngologist testifying as an expert witness should be aware of the qualifications recommended by the ACS and, in my opinion, should comply with them.
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