experimenter bias

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(psychology) bias introduced by an experimenter whose expectations about the outcome of the experiment can be subtly communicated to the participants in the experiment

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Psychologically meaningful and consistent patterns of results would also be expected if safeguards preventing experimenter bias (such as predetermination of study sizes, prespecification of statistical tests, data checking and so on) were lacking.
As a result, experimenter bias could contribute to the agreement between the two tools.
To avoid experimenter bias, I asked another medical technology faculty member to administer the survey and collect the questionnaires.
While the "gold standard" for medical trials is the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, the African trials suffered [a number of serious problems] including problematic randomisation and selection bias, inadequate blinding, lack of placebo-control (male circumcision could not be concealed), inadequate equipoise, experimenter bias, attrition (673 drop-outs in female-to-male trials), not investigating male circumcision as a vector for HIV transmission, not investigating non-sexual HIV transmission, as well as lead-time bias, supportive bias (circumcised men received additional counselling sessions), participant expectation bias, and time-out discrepancy (restraint from sexual activity only by circumcised men).
Despite limitations of small sample size and experimenter bias, our study is significant.
This standardized form of questioning was adopted throughout the catastrophizing interview to avoid any experimenter bias in the way that questions were worded.
A second area of security addressed here concerns precautions against experimenter bias or deviation from intended procedure.
Given the possibility of attribution of intentional experimenter bias or procedural deviation, ideally one would wish to employ procedures that eliminate these, without constraining the procedures to those that have no real ecological validity and little likelihood for success.
It is a computer-based system that provides automatic data recording, highly effective shielding against sensory cues, and resistance to both subject bias and intentional experimenter bias.
1993; Wiseman, Smith, & Kornbrot, 1994) were that there might have been: (1) possible subliminal sound leakage to the receiver through inadequate electronic component isolation; (2) repeated playing of the target tape during sending, which might alter it physically such as to provide a subtle cue; (3) sounds from the VCR, which might provide cues to the experimenter about which clip was being played as target; (4) sound leakage from the sender's room to the experimenter, which might provide cues if senders are noisy; (5) the possibility of a complex electronic signalling system between sender and receiver; and (6) deliberate experimenter bias.