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a research worker who conducts experiments

a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas

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Experimenter Gallery will host the seventh edition of the Experimenter Curators' Hub (ECH) at its space in Kolkata, India, from July 27 to 29.
Virtually all discussions of fraud in parapsychology describe the Levy case as the most definitive evidence of experimenter fraud.
The PAN1740 Experimenter kit, available from Mouser Electronics, consists of a Dialog DA14580 motherboard and three PAN1740 daughter boards, plus all required cables.
The testing took place in a darkened room that included two lamps, one of which was used to illuminate the experimenter and the second to illuminate a spot on the floor where food was placed.
They were then asked to fill out an unrelated questionnaire, after which an experimenter told the participants that "another professor from the psychology department had just stopped by and said that volunteers for another, unrelated study were needed.
Almereyda conceives of Milgram's life and work as a kind of constantly evolving Experimenter theater piece and runs with Director: the idea, resulting in a decidedly Brechtian bit of filmmaking that routinely breaks the fourth wall and employs other bits of theatrical artifice to tell its tale.
Robert Sorge, a psychology professor at the University of Alabama, said that the study suggests that one major reason for lack of replication of animal studies is the gender of the experimenter - a factor that's not currently stated in the methods sections of published papers.
At the beginning of the study, the experimenter told 143 children that a huge bowl of candy was awaiting them in the next room, shortly revealing to them that it was a trick to lure them to play a game.
When the classical music cue was played, the experimenter was called out of the room to, supposedly, take a phone call -- leaving the children alone in the room for 90 seconds and tempting them to take a peek at the mysterious toy making that sound.
In 1963, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram reported an appalling discovery: 65 percent of volunteers would deliver electrical shocks to another person at levels they believed were lethal if an experimenter asked them to.
In the conversation, the participant ("I") and the experimenter ("You") read characteristics, which they attributed either to themselves (i.
One important factor of this type is the nature of the interaction between the experimenter and the study participant.
The next step is to join the Al software with automated platforms--labs on a chip--to perform the experiments requested by the artificial experimenter, using fewer resources in the process.
The experimenter recruited all participants through community referrals from university faculty in a special education program.
This could explain why a smile from an experimenter quickly and automatically evokes a smile in response (Hinsz & Tomhave, 1991; Vrugt, 2007).