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a research worker who conducts experiments

a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas

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Experimenter fraud has occurred in all areas of science (Strobe, Postmes, & Spears, 2012).
The experimenter placed one item on the table on either the left- or right-hand side and held the other in front of the participant.
Half dealt with an unreliable experimenter who failed to deliver on promises to bring back fancy art supplies and cool stickers.
While in the standing position, the experimenter would look very excited by raising eyes, making exaggerated facial expressions, and talking to the infant--praising her for standing.
Designed experiments, which allow the experimenter "to deliberately vary several variables simultaneously, to randomize others and, when desired, to standardize others," were new to the foundry industry in 1964.
He was an experimenter and an entrepreneur who helped create a breakthrough refining process in 1927.
For the study, cognitive neuroscientist Merle Fairhurst of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, and colleagues had infants sit in their parents' laps while the experimenter stroked the back of the infant's arm with a paintbrush.
Half the participants handed their notes to an experimenter and the other half put the descriptions in an envelope before turning them in.
Briefly, the subject (SM or one of 20 other volunteers, representing a cross-section of ages, ethnicities, educations, and genders) stands a predetermined distance from an experimenter, then walks toward the experimenter and stops at the point where they feel most comfortable.
A unique feature of the present approach is the operational definition of demand characteristics as an explicitly stated experimenter preference as to what behavior participants should perform (Navarick, 2004).
The human experimenter did not know where the food was hidden, and the chimpanzees used gestures like pointing to guide the experimenter to the food.
Volunteers in the body-swap experiments stood across from a male mannequin or a female experimenter and received simultaneous visual and motor input.
For example, suppose that three men are playing cards, where one is the experimenter and the other two are the subjects (Subjects X and Y).
However, there has been little systematic investigation of the research into the social relationship between the experimenter and the subject, especially during the experimental procedure.