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an empirical doctrine that advocates experimental principles

an orientation that favors experimentation and innovation

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The term experimentalism implies a range of regulatory techniques that seek alternatives both to command-and-control regulation and to the minimalism of deregulatory approaches.
Dispensing with the superfluities of contemporary avant-garde or autonomous experimentalism, Finch seemed concerned only with writing music that would move.
In doing so I am aware of the great tradition of experimentalism mixed with classicism that has made the festival such an enduring part of the British arts landscape.
The contributors provide overviews of modernist and postmodernist theories of the short story with examples from mostly British-oriented stories explore questions of of autonomy, subjectivity, experimentalism, fragmentation, visuality, sensuality, and post-coloniality.
The apple's innate experimentalism (plus a recipe for hard liquor) made Johnny Appleseed (aka John Chapman) one of the early heroes of our western frontier.
The quartet from San Francisco play loud rock n roll in a style heavily influenced by the experimentalism of psychedelia, classical minimalism and garage rock excess.
Instead of a conclusion in the traditional sense of summarizing findings, Piekut ends his book by relating the idea of experimentalism to the Amencan singer and songwriter Iggy Pop.
Considering a range of fiction from the mid-eighteenth century, Moyra Haslett makes the double argument that, in the wake of the popular successes of Richardson and Fielding, imitation of certain features, such as addresses to the reader, could make the act of copying both conventional and experimental; but she nonetheless finds experimentalism, seen as a combination of textual playfulness and discursive range, as being characteristic of Irish fiction of the period, in particular of the work of Thomas Amory.
As with other writers, Saint-Saens criticizes Berlioz's experimentalism and fanatical devotion to Shakespeare while also praising his inventive orchestrations.
Produced by Stone Temple Pilots and mixed by Chris Lord Alge, the eponymously titled, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, sees the band continuing to explore their enduring approach to music - melding big riffs, classic pop hooks, and the restless experimentalism of glam, punk and psychedelia.
We must continue to foster commercial inventiveness by sustaining an environment that incentivizes, even glorifies, experimentalism and tolerates, without great punishment, bad ideas and failures.
GNAW THEIR TONGUES All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity (Crucial Blast)--Dutch black/funeral doom experimentalism with cinematic horror noise barrages of the highest order.
Interestingly, this experimentalism was not rooted in the contemporary French polemic about textuality, at once post-Mallarmean and academic, but rather in the youth culture of the sixties (the peace movement, Orientalism, music, sex, drugs).
Crippling epistemologies and Governance Failures: A Plea for experimentalism
WILCO WILCO (THE ALBUM) When they're not getting lost in strange experimentalism, Jeff Tweedy's Wilco are capable of turning out some of the best straightforward, hooky pop rock in America.
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