experimental psychology

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the branch of psychology that uses experimental methods to study psychological issues

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For Part III of psychological testing system for the needs of the Department of Experimental Psychology - Appendix 3 hereto,
He traces the origins of operationism to the functionalist program of German experimental psychology, and finds that within the pragmatic context of American psychology operationalism underwent various formulations depending on its adherents' realist or positivist commitments.
Researchers in the experimental psychology department at Bristol university will look at how the drug affects health, well-being and sleep.
Director of the Royal Institution since 1998, Prof Greenfield trained in experimental psychology at Oxford University before spending four years as MRC training fellow in the university's Laboratory of Physiology and was made fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford in 1985.
Bersh received his doctorate in experimental psychology from Columbia University in 1949 as a student of Nate Schoenfeld.
Unkelbach teaches experimental psychology at the University of Cologne, Germany.
The contract is for the supply and installation of a new system for the study of psychophysiological response to the Department of Experimental Psychology at the Catholic University of Lublin.
Robert Heath uses approaches from experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience to outline his theory of the subconscious influence of advertising in its audience's lives.
She has a doctorate in organizational psychology, Master of Science degree in applied experimental psychology and Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Saint Louis University in St.
In his second article, he reviewed an array of empirical studies from experimental psychology which indicated that people who were blind, contrary to public opinion, were not superior in hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
Once psychologists were established within the military structure they used the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed, particularly in the case of applied experimental psychology and in the selection of personnel for the Office of Strategic Services.
In 1913 the American edition of Hugo Munsterberg's work in Germany, Psychological and Industrial Efficiency, was published in which experimental psychology was applied to vocational choice.
Research at the laboratory is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with educational backgrounds and experience in experimental psychology, human factors, computer programming, traffic engineering, and traffic modeling.
Seligman, "teamed Helpnessness: Theory and Evidence," Journal of Experimental Psychology [Gen] 105, 1976, 3-46.
They are especially good for the elderly and isolated, says Professor Michael Argyle of Oxford University's Department of Experimental Psychology.
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