experimental procedure

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the specific techniques used in conducting a particular experiment

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The first patient to receive the experimental procedure reported running on a treadmill just three months afterward.
In table 2, we have the experimental procedure of the different stages of volume fraction, introduced mass of adipic acid versus time.
1) Certain commercial equipment, instruments, or materials are identified in this paper to specify adequately the experimental procedure.
Dandel cautioned that it is too soon for the experimental procedure to become a standard treatment, however.
Proneuron Biotechnologies and the Detroit Medical Center's Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) announced that RIM will participate as the first Midwest rehabilitation center in Proneuron's international, multicenter, randomized-controlled Phase II study of ProCord, an experimental procedure for acute spinal-cord injury (SCI).
Under the treatment, 32-year-old Ouarda Touirat's ovaries was removed, frozen and reimplanted in an experimental procedure which enabled her to become pregnant.
Glen Cooke of the Ohio State University Heart and Lung Research institute, where the platelet count was determined by an experimental procedure followed in the laboratory with the assistance of laboratory personnel, the data was analyzed to test these hypotheses.
Individuals selected for the first xenotransplantation procedures must be psychologically stable and willing to submit to a potentially unsuccessful experimental procedure.
In the experimental procedure, islet cells from donor organs are injected into the portal vein of the patient's liver.
5% by mice), reassurance that all infections were derived from the experimental procedure would be helpful.
While the idea to relocate may work, it is an experimental procedure and the EIR notes it could wipe the population out completely.
Harriet, who has cerebral palsy, was to have gone into hospital last month but cash-strapped South Staffordshire Health Authority stepped in three days beforehand to block the operation, arguing it would incur costs for an experimental procedure.
The results show that the student using a lightweight hemi wheelchair had no difficulty whatsoever in performing the experimental procedure.
The new experimental procedure requires rectal insertion of a device called the Prostathermer to heat the prostate to 42 degrees Centigrade (107.
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