experimental method

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the use of controlled observations and measurements to test hypotheses

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This insight revolutionized the entire field of experimental analysis As a matter of fact, it was Fisher who originated most of the ideas used in modern experimental method (Box, Hunter and Hunter 1978).
The experimental method shows that the optimal solution is the new constructive version of planetary gears with floating solar gear.
Boyle and Newton drew on a well-developed experimental tradition and corpuscular matter theory derived from thirteenth-century Aristotelian alchemy and fused with Paracelsian spagyrical methods: it was seventeenth-century alchemy and iatrochemistry that provided them with the materialist theoretical basis and quantitative experimental methods on which to develop a replacement for Aristotle's substantial forms, not the Cartesian clockwork mechanism and Gassendian atomism.
Roger Bacon, who is credited with the introduction of experimental method, acquired his scientific training in the Muslim universities of Spain.
By the later 1800s, the experimental method had won the day, a victory that did not end contention among experts, however, but shifted conflicts about the biological consequences of pollution onto empirical and statistical grounds.
For all of Truman Collins' vision in fiscal and personnel management, the heart of his dream was an experimental method of selecting trees for harvest.
With the experimental method, a tiny bit of skin or gum tissue is removed and then engineered to secrete a protein that induces bone formation.
Writing in The Nation two years ago, Barbara Ehrenreich and Janet McIntosh recounted an incident at an interdisciplinary conference on the emotions in which University of Michigan psychologist Phoebe Ellsworth ventured some favorable comments about the experimental method.
More importantly, the experimental method, as a coincidence experiment, only counts events in which a proton is detected within a finite time window following the detection of an electron.
Miner's Vico, a far cry from Mark Lilla's antimodern thinker, disliked the French geometrical method, while showing a marked preference for Galileo's and Bacon's experimental method, viewed as an application of topical reasoning.
Barreto has developed an experimental method of removing the gasoline additive methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE, used as an octane enhancer) from water by bubbling oxygen into the contaminated water and adding Ti[O.
The art of experimentation is often learnt by doing, so an intuitive understanding of the experimental method usually evolves gradually through years of trial and error.
There are certainly some lucid moments in Altegoer's core thesis that the bonds forged in the sixteenth century between "philosophy and rhetoric contributed to the development of an experimental method constituted by practical, technical ways of knowing" (52).
For example, the researchers stated in their paper that they assigned volunteers to THA or placebo groups in a random and double-blind manner -- a standard experimental method that helps eliminate bias by keeping volunteers and researchers unaware of which participants receive treatment or placebo.
NIST researchers have developed an experimental method for determining the broadband permittivity of thin-film samples at frequencies up to 40 GHz using coplanar waveguide (CPW) measurements and finite element simulations.
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