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the procedure that is varied in order to estimate a variable's effect by comparison with a control condition

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In the case of participants' attentional sensitivity in regard to social rejection cues, there was a significant interaction between experimental condition and RS (P = -8.
053, nor a main effect of arousal experimental condition Pillai's trace = .
Ideally, if each of these tight groups contains just one member belonging to each of the experimental conditions, the result will be a pairwise matched set of materials.
An overall ingroup bias was found as ingroup members were rated more positively by children in the experimental condition than by their control counterparts.
The main effect of the experimental condition was statistically significant ([chi square] (2, N = 216) = 31.
Participants remained under the same experimental condition until a stability criteria of 10% over three sessions occurred.
TMI played no role in the effect of experimental condition on selectivity; this may suggest a process more basic than priming of existing cognitions.
Effect of Imidacloprid exposure on serum biochemical profile of Labeo rohita under short term experimental conditions.
In this second experimental condition, with uncertainty, only five valid trials where the target remained projected until the sword touched the plastron were recorded and only the trial in which the RRT reached the median value was analyzed.
Students in the experimental condition were asked to design assignments so that an "imaginary" fellow student could learn from the simulation.
Additionally, a two-way ANOVA with experimental condition and subject as factors was run for each dependent variable to determine if testing day had a significant effect or interaction, as each testing session was performed in a different order for each subject.
The first variable that we manipulated in the experimental condition was the frequency with which intervention-specific progress-monitoring data was collected and used to make instructional decisions.
For each experimental condition, 5 basalt sintered pieces were manufactured, which were tested to compression.
They also discuss the many factors that could impact the accuracy and precision of the test, including the nature of the food matrix being analyzed, the methodology and experimental condition, and the skill of the analyst.
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