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PEO union boss Bambis Kyritsis said CoLA was "an institution of justice which protects workers and their wages from expensiveness (sic) and inflation.
Sharmila revealed that out of total number of cases, less than 50% were being provided treatment and the reason for this could be non-availability of proper diagnostic centres at the state level and expensiveness of the treatment.
Given the perceived expensiveness and distance of Alaska, some sort of incentive program was required to make the state competitive in what is a very competitive industry, particularly when competing with somewhere like British Columbia, which has a cash incentive program.
To wearers used to the ubiquitous drab colours of wool and linen, or the expensiveness and high-maintenance of silk and lace, the gaily coloured, affordable cotton chintz imports from India offered a revolutionary new option.
2] was called for by accelerating the chemical process of carbonation and by the financial expensiveness of obtaining 1% C[O.
The offences in question are expensiveness in an age of austerity; resistance to change (explained and enforced as a return to profitability); and a fondness for disloyalty and critique.
Maja Tomik concludes for Utrinski vesnik that the expensiveness is slowly but surely destroying the living of citizens.
Genius is measured by the expensiveness of the automobile and the number of screen credits.
On the contrary, growth of expenses can frighten investors, which together with general market background, quotes' acceleration before the release of financial statements and relative expensiveness of the bank can logically stimulate profit taking.
I wonder how many simpletons like me became aware of the expensiveness and ugliness of inefficiency and were put off as we drove past each day and saw that the blades were not turning?
A government employ residing in a government quarter, on condition of not to be named, said that for increasing income the quarters were given on rent, as it was very expensiveness everywhere.
In 1988, there were fewer than a million wireless subscribers in the United States, and the common wisdom was that the expensiveness of wireless communications would relegate it permanently to a role complementary to tire wired network.
The expensiveness of the products is due to high cost of processing which in turn depends on the cost of production factos particularly sugar (constituting 50% of the contents especially in the case of jellies, jams, juices and chutneys), and containers (whether of glass, metal, plastic or paper).
But with each successive scene this extravaganza exudes more of its unprecedented expensiveness.
The price falls appear to reflect the special deals offered on Rover cars during the company's sell-off crisis and the desire of dealers to make good offers now that the Competition Commission report has highlighted the expensiveness of UK motors.