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Further limitations of this laser include expensiveness and unavailability (20).
In his metaphor-laden discourse, the hotels suffer multiple mutations as temples (80), barracks (10), labyrinths (81), or as palaces expressive of "extreme expensiveness" (10).
On the expensiveness of poverty, he once said, 'Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.' His this phase of life can be compared to that of another great writer from the North African region, Mohamad Choukri of Morocco who lived his early life in miserable economic conditions.
They are also consistent with previous findings that consumers prefer tipping over its alternatives (Azar 2010; Lynn 2017), tipping reduces actual and perceived restaurant expensiveness (Lynn 2017; Lynn and Wang 2013), and tipping increases perceived service quality (Kwortnik, Lynn, and Ross 2009).
Factors that might be responsible for such as gathered from responses included "technical know-how", "naivety of university librarians on spending money on good integrated library management systems", "new developments in technology", "Lack of proper planning for automation", "lack of support from university Management", "expensiveness of the proprietary software", "poor technical support", and "epileptic power supply".
Considering the huge amount of premium beef that this bento box contains, its expensiveness is no surprise.
Some of the disadvantages of arthroscopy are relative length of the intervention depending on experience, requirement of advanced surgical technique knowledge, probability of intra-articular injury, and expensiveness of arthroscopic devices (16).
Another sign of the backwardness of this system is its expensiveness. Education must be brought within the reach of the poorest, but our education is growing more and more costly every day.
Given the expensiveness of court, leaders find themselves worrying about the cost-effectiveness of winning, assigning an undefined but weighty potential liability cost to otherwise worthwhile initiatives, without the ability to judge the competing opportunity value.
In total, 19 proposals were submitted, each being analysed with respect to their feasibility and expensiveness. The public discussion, during which all feasible proposals were presented to the public, was next.
Scarcity effects on desirability: Mediated by assumed expensiveness? Journal of Economic Psychology, 10, 257-274.
Although chemical grout has adjustable gel time, good permeation, and flexibility after solidification, it does not have wide applications due to its expensiveness, lower solid strength, and low durability [10].
Although jojoba oil has enormous use potential, its drawback is its expensiveness arising from the limited commercial volume of oil available.
However, besides their expensiveness, these imaging techniques are not sufficient to provide information on the pathophysiological mechanisms of dementia, in particular in the early stages.