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an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses

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As for expense accounts, Lake County Board members should have expense accounts if they are making purchases on behalf of their constituents.
For using various categories of helicopters, costing ` 80,000 to ` 2.5 lakh per hour plus service tax, would be put in the expense accounts of candidates.
The primary purpose of Advisory Opinion 2013-03A was to clarify the application of the plan asset rules to ERISA expense accounts. If revenue-sharing payments held by a recordkeeper are treated as plan assets before they are applied for the benefit of the plan or its participants, there would be a violation of ERISA's requirement that plan assets be segregated and held in a plan's trust.
* if the company asked for VAT refunds, the refund request will be verified concerning the accentance of the funds in the statement account, the paid back sums or in process of being paid back if they were deducted from the following expense accounts.
It would appear that the disgraced Joyce still wants his pounds 65,000 a year salary, plus one of the highest expense accounts in the House of Commons.
Back when new stories about MPs' expenses were appearing in the papers every day, I'd get the odd rueful comment from politicians pointing out that journalists were notorious for abusing their own expense accounts.
It's time we turned the tap off on these expense accounts for good.
Perhaps the coalition Government should start by cutting out councillors' allowances and expense accounts.
Perhaps if MPs and senators would take a rollback in their astronomical salaries, bonuses (for sitting in the House, being on committee, ministerial portfolios, etc.) and cut their expense accounts, Canadians would gladly see their military/RCMP veterans receive their full pensions without clawback at age 65.
DeMillo has organized some successful events thus far as president, but finding journalists who still have jobs and expense accounts may be a trick.
LONDON: The whiff of sleaze pervaded Britain's political establishment with both main parties suffering in opinion polls amid public anger over parliamentarians' expense accounts and donations.
Perhaps some day our MPs will get their heads out of their inflated expense accounts long enough to realise it.
North American journalists complained that United States employers demanded expense accounts submitted in local currency.
Cragg Hines, the Washington columnist retiring from the Houston Chronicle after 35 years, apparently had a fondness for food that rivaled the late Johnny Apple of The New York Times -- with massive expense accounts to match.
What is of interest in the FastWay case is why there are debits to fixed assets and credits to expense accounts.