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with efficiency


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They travelled as expeditiously as possible, and, sleeping one night on the road, reached Longbourn by dinner time the next day.
Thanks to Natasha's directions the work now went on expeditiously, unnecessary things were left, and the most valuable packed as compactly as possible.
Never was a reception-roomful of patients rushed through more expeditiously than was Doctor Emory's the moment the door had closed upon the two policemen who brought up Daughtry's rear.
He had helped in sending off Falleix expeditiously, explaining to him the advantage of taking post horses.
After which there was nothing for it but to get him into an asylum as expeditiously as possible.
Glad to be released, Benson expeditiously set out the dessert and withdrew.
Tom Jones had ridden one of Mr Western's horses that morning in the chase; so that having no horse of his own in the squire's stable, he was obliged to go home on foot: this he did so expeditiously that he ran upwards of three miles within the half-hour.
Sir,' said Arthur, striking in expeditiously, 'whoever you are, and however you come to be here, if I were the master of this house I would lose no time in placing you on the outside of it.
Bill Sikes no sooner heard the account of the expedition delivered, than he very hastily called up the white dog, and, putting on his hat, expeditiously departed: without devoting any time to the formality of wishing the company good-morning.
Many other matters that might have travelled to him, now stopped short at the Secretary, under whose administration they were far more expeditiously and satisfactorily disposed of than they would have been if they had got into Young Blight's domain.
Grummer, retreating very expeditiously to the door, and opening it an inch or two, 'Dubbley.
THE Supreme Court on Friday directed the Delhi High Court to expeditiously decide the plea filed by the private schools against the nursery admission guidelines, but refused to stay the ongoing admission process in the National Capital.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on Thursday disposed of a case of Ejaz Sherazi, an MPA from Thatta while directing the Sindh High Court (SHC) to expeditiously deal with the matter.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court has directed the trial court to dispose of human rights case on refusal of two girls to sacrifice themselves under wanni custom expeditiously within two months without fail .
We are dedicated to commit the highest level of resources available to accomplish our mutual objectives expeditiously.