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Synonyms for expeditious

Synonyms for expeditious

characterized by great celerity

accomplished in very little time

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marked by speed and efficiency

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An expeditious end of the dictatorship" will continue to be--as it has been for more than 40 years now--electoral rhetoric.
expeditious isolation and access to call-identifying information;
This will be accomplished by pursuing technologies that have the potential for improving the deficiencies to perform surveillance and classification of volatile targets from ground, airborne and space borne platforms in both passive and hostile environments as described by the users in and expeditious manner.
The Basic Science Project Director will report directly to TAG's Senior Policy Director and will work closely with other TAG policy and program staff and consultants, developing and implementing advocacy strategies to ensure the most expeditious, ethical and efficacious development of useful new drugs, biologics, treatment regimens and strategies to treat HIV in the USA and internationally.
A corporation that does not qualify for automatic approval may nevertheless qualify for expeditious approval of a year-end change.
The board agreed to expeditious review of this issue to complete the project in 1998.
Both cases demonstrate the need, once serious deficiencies in internal controls are identified, to ensure that relevant books and records are reconciled and verified in an expeditious and thorough manner.
The DEQ has indicated in its press release that limited resources prohibit the expeditious investigation of those claims.
I would like to set forth a new, efficient, and expeditious system for the introduction and diffusion of health care technologies.
Ebix is committed to growing Finetre in an expeditious and sensible manner.
In announcing the release of the study, Stringer said, "I thank the IBO for their expeditious action on this critical issue and hope their analysis will contribute to the public debate and lead to a speedy resolution of the disagreement over plans for the site.
Then, ``We want the inquiry to be thorough rather than expeditious.
In contrast, the FBI continues to advocate and encourage footprinting infants at birth, believing that this process represents a reliable, expeditious, and cost-efficient method for establishing probable personal identity.
The IRS returns unnecessary ruling requests and refunds any accompanying user fees, but practitioners who are aware of the service's expeditious approval procedures can prevent delays for their clients.
The license agreements require that the generic manufacturers meet certain national and international regulatory standards and include a technology transfer to enable expeditious production of large volumes of high-quality generic versions of tenofovir.