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Synonyms for expedite

Synonyms for expedite

to make less difficult

to increase the speed of

Synonyms for expedite

speed up the progress of


Related Words

process fast and efficiently

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Expedite Plus' primary offering is its Onboard Courier Delivery Service which provides true emergency shipping capabilities, enabling urgent packages to be hand-delivered anywhere in the world.
It's important for the court to know that the county Board of Supervisors is interested and concerned and wants to help expedite the process,'' said Carrie Sutkin, a deputy to Supervisor Gloria Molina, who sponsored the resolution.
While the Competent Authority process is, in the final analysis, a government-to-government negotiation, we believe that focused taxpayer involvement would both expedite the process and facilitate the negotiation of a settlement acceptable to the taxpayer and the competent authorities.
Offering same-day, time-sensitive, and dedicated transportation to over 1500 customers, Express-1 is one of the largest ground expedite companies in the country.
NASDAQ: WSTG) an integrated technology company that resells world-class software solutions to VARS and IT professionals, has deployed GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP company-wide to expedite order processing, invoicing and workflow.
The embedded modules, Expedite EU870D, optimized for Europe, and Expedite EU860D, optimized for North America, can be integrated into laptops and other devices for 3G mobile data applications.