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  • verb

Synonyms for expedite

Synonyms for expedite

to make less difficult

to increase the speed of

Synonyms for expedite

speed up the progress of


Related Words

process fast and efficiently

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' Though government cannot be said not to have taken actions in getting Leah and others released, but there is need for it to redouble and expedite actions in that direction for parents and relatives of the abductees be freed from psychological trauma they must have been facing and for the abductees to know that they have a country that cares for them.
"At Expedite Plus we know the meaning of time-critical delivery," said Devon Bovenlander, managing director, Expedite Plus Asia.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed the four-member committee to study the cases of detained LTTE suspects and recommend suitable action to expedite the cases against them.
Documents are watermarked at the time of processing by expedite and an electronic copy is automatically routed to the lender's imaging system for record retention, Matthews explained.
The Expedite EU740 PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Module from Novatel Wireless, a wireless access provider, is to be embedded in the Toughbook CF-18 notebook computers from Panasonic, a computer products and electronics manufacturer.
AICPA and NASBA Ask State Boards to Expedite Reciprocity Requests
"We send the letter of essentiality to the state DOT's so the states can expedite the permits," said transportation management coordinator Steve Beck.
In addition, the Committee unanimously decided to expedite the release of its minutes.
At that time Rebecca Rorke, Dance/USA's director of government affairs, said a coalition of congressional leaders and arts organizations was working to expedite visa processing for international artists.
"For our industry, this is a significant step forward in efforts by the two governments to introduce bilateral programs to expedite the flow of commercial traffic across the Canadian-U.S.
Moreover, the same rules that expedite consideration of this somewhat disparate class of cases provide no opportunity for expedited consideration of the hundreds of other cases, including the cases of criminal defendants, even those serving a short sentence that will likely expire before the appellate court issues an opinion.
To expedite dissemination of up-to-the-minute information, from its inception Emerging Infectious Diseases has published articles online ahead of print.
To expedite the development of these programs, these so-called countries of concern look to the advanced Western countries for technology.
Although e-procurement poses challenges, some vendors aim to expedite its use by nursing homes
To expedite the sharing of resources, academic library consortia have promoted the formation of union catalogs and expedited interlibrary loan.