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in an expedient manner


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The quote: `We hope the settlement addresses all the significant aspects raised in the complaint and the state is in a position to proceed expediently with the task.
Finally, the Bush Administration has proposed a number of administrative rule changes to help federal agencies implement natural resource management programs more expediently.
Our civil rights are being expediently abridged by the Patriot Act (a duplicitous misnomer) and other measures designated to privatize government.
Also Catholicism used to be quite prevalent in Britain before a certain monarch decided he needed a divorce and so swiftly and expediently espoused Protestantism.
Scholarship/financial aid information; alumni, student, and faculty profiles; and invitations to receptions being held in the student's area are all messages that the technology can expediently deliver to students, to help them make enlightened decisions.
The court refused to allow a statement made by the county sheriff to the media to be used as evidence, even though it might support the assertion that jail staff did not act expediently to prevent the detainee's death.
The software enables information to be obtained expediently, which is particularly important in critical situations.
Although analyzing the underwriting style and expertise of any company is difficult, most experienced long-term-care insurance agents are aware of the companies that underwrite loosely, make exceptions for important agents or clients, or forgo medical records so they can issue policies more expediently.
some cases of international fraud would be most expediently dealt with in an international court.
is the eye-flicking action that shows the American body - arms, elbows, legs, mouths, the tension profile line - being used expediently, with grace and the suggestion of jolting hardness.
The ever-present possibility of continued victimization of children at the hands of MSBP offenders further underscores the importance of handling these cases expediently.
He also apologizes for not being able respond immediately to all of the inquiriesO there just have been too many calls and emails to get back to everyone expediently.
Sydney, Sep 20 (ANI): Australia captain Ricky Ponting has urged the International Cricket Council to deal with the latest allegations of match fixing expediently, as it is battering the image of game.
BCD will add a whole new level of service for franchisees with regards to finding high-quality sites expediently in support of the growth of the brand," said Kevin Shaw, Vice President of Development for The Coffee Beanery.
The flexible systems environment allows Coventry to expediently adapt changes to its existing technology.