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Synonyms for expedient

Synonyms for expedient

worth doing, especially for practical reasons

something used temporarily or reluctantly when other means are not available

Antonyms for expedient

serving to promote your interest

appropriate to a purpose

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Concepts of good and evil are therefore, in their origin, merely a means to an end, they are expedients for acquiring power.
So far are the suggestions of Montesquieu from standing in opposition to a general Union of the States, that he explicitly treats of a confederate republic as the expedient for extending the sphere of popular government, and reconciling the advantages of monarchy with those of republicanism.
But what necessity can there be of applying this expedient to a government limited, as the federal government will be, by the authority of a paramount Constitution?
The case seemed wholly desperate and deplorable; and this magnificent palace would have infallibly been burnt down to the ground, if, by a presence of mind unusual to me, I had not suddenly thought of an expedient. I had, the evening before, drunk plentifully of a most delicious wine called GLIMIGRIM, (the Blefuscudians call it FLUNEC, but ours is esteemed the better sort,) which is very diuretic.
"That might be pardoned, sir, were it not for the extraordinary character of the expedient. Surely, you have never seen in me any taste for the very extraordinary images and figures of speech you have used, on this occasion."
I have imagination; I will devise expedients for you.
Many different expedients were proposed by the elder warriors, in succession, to all of which Magua was a silent and respectful listener.
In this delicate and arduous situation, the crafty native had neglected no means of increasing his influence; and one of the happiest of his expedients had been the success with which he had cultivated the favor of their powerful and dangerous neighbors.
The tribe consented to act with deliberation, and with one voice they committed the direction of the whole affair to the government of the chief who had suggested such wise and intelligible expedients.
She was visited by no more outbursts, moving her to such futile expedients. She began to do as she liked and to feel as she liked.
Assault on Syria's Idlib 'not expedient' Speaking about the situation in Syria, Putin said a full-scale assault against militants in Syria's Idlib province "is not expedient now" and civilians' security needs to be taken into account.
It may not be expedient for some countries to condemn New Delhi's reprehensible acts as India is a big market but for the sake of world peace, they must condemn Indian aggression.
The ministry was commenting on the recently spread information that Azerbaijan is allegedly interested in buying this missile system, however Russia doesn't consider the sale expedient.
'The call for expedient justice rings louder not only for him but for all the minors and youth whose lives and dreams were snuffed out in the campaign against illegal drugs,' she said.