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Synonyms for expedience

the quality of being suited to the end in view

taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others

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And the third, well, he has been just as willing to trade principle for expedience, decency for compromise, if not more so.
Far from American influence declining, even under John Kerry's panacea of earning back ``respect'' for the only remaining superpower, the pressures of economic expedience, not least in relation to oil reserves, mean that the US can never extricate itself from its intrusive presence in the Middle East.
Expedience, not military necessity, would justify the use of tribunals in these cases.
Or is it for other, less praiseworthy reasons: political expedience, self-aggrandizement, financial gain, or the satisfaction of irrational and largely unconscious drives?
In most historical accounts, the king's motive for converting is reduced to expedience, his subjects' motive for accepting the conversion to exhaustion and a desire for peace.
It's just one of the things that highlight the fact that except for the Communist Party and Kapatiran, we really do not have any real political parties in the sense of political organizations that command allegiance on the basis of philosophy or ideology rather than expedience or convenience.
In a barely veiled indictment of the Bush years, Obama rejected "as false the choice between our safety and our ideals," adding, "we will not give up [our ideals] for expedience's sake." America, he said, was "ready to lead once more".
The sound they are accustomed to is of men seeking points of principle as a disguise for political expedience.
The market suggested it would only be a two-horse race, and so it proved with Expedience (15-8) living up to her name.
Expedience and reputation, rather than form, continue to shape a side that has no option but to win on Wednesday.
Although all right-minded people would wish to see as great a peace as possible achieved as soon as possible, it is equally impossible to separate the proposed resolution of those issues from the bandwagon of pro-Bush political expedience.
It is never clear, and director Liliana Cavani stages this beautifully, if his motivation for killing is bloodlust first and expedience second or the other way around.
But when it comes to telling a First Minister how to run his government, he is lost in a fog of intrigue, rivalry and expedience.
"Whether they will be able to sustain that or whether it is just expedience, we have yet to determine."