expected value

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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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For a given value of P*, equilibrium entry occurs such that zero expected value is attained by the lowest valued entrant.
have an expected value that is less than the expected marginal cost to
In other words, all possible outcomes--profits and losses in this example--are taken into account and contribute to the expected value according to the likelihood of their occurrence.
Therefore, if the task force multiplies the NPV for high functionality and high interoperability and the probability for high functionality and high interoperability, the expected value, or in this case, probability adjusted financial impact, can be determined.
Table 1: Proportion of People with Credit Card (CC) Debt and Other Debt No debt CC debt Non-CC debt Total Not a business 34780 7964 2100 44844 Expected value 34790 7969 2056 Within category % 77.
STANDARD Life has cut the expected value of its flotation in a move that will lead to reduced share windfalls for its members.
For example, say you were attempting to derive an expected value for sales/revenue for the following company:
The second edition introduces the expected value of success (EVS) and the expected value for the portfolio (EVP) probabilistic measures of project value.
Expected value approach: The expected value of the cost of an environmental event is the estimate of the probability weighted-average over the range of all possible values where there are multiple possible outcomes, each with its own probability of occurrence.
The iSold It stores - including those in Chatsworth, Agoura Hills and Tarzana - accept items with an expected value of $30 or more, weigh less than 150 pounds and measure less than 130 inches in length and girth combined (the service defines ``girth'' as the sum of the two shortest sides of the item multiplied by two).
It prompts users to enter information on the services being provided, the patient's benefits information and their organization's financial policies, and then determines the applicable estimated patient balance given the contractual expected value of the claim.
Therefore, in concert with Assumption I, it is generally assumed that the common expected value is equal to Y, i.
The deductible contribution would be based on the donated property's FMV, less the expected value of the reserved life estate.
SIGNAL Corporation has been awarded a five year contract with an expected value of $100 million through the United States Senate Sergeant At Arms to provide computer help desk support, IT installation and maintenance, and acquisition and inventory for hardware and software for all U.