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Synonyms for expected

Synonyms for expected

known to be about to arrive

Antonyms for expected

considered likely or probable to happen or arrive

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But still it could never be expected to turn on the true merits of the question.
I expected him to break out, even at that polite way of putting it.
Nobody ever heard the like of it, and, consequently, nobody can be expected to believe it.
So-called core inflation is expected to be similar in 2005 and 2006, forecast at 2.
In financial statements prepared on the modified accrual basis of accounting, liabilities and expenditures for termination benefits should be recognized to the extent the liabilities are normally expected to be liquidated with expendable available financial resources.
2, we discuss two assumptions, labeled as Assumption I and Assumption II, about the relationship between the laboratory expected values [X.
Fathers who expected to allow early autonomous privileges had sons at mid-adolescence who performed less well in school and engaged in more social misconduct.
Motor Vehicles--Gray iron casting shipments for light vehicles are expected to drop to 1.
Light truck fire imports are also expected to rise this year, from 5.
And what was causing ethylene prices to go up before - higher ethane and propane costs - is not expected to be a factor.
The housing sector is expected to decline at a 5% rate for the year as interest rates continue to rise.
Light truck tire imports are expected to rise from 5.
Higher expected rates of return and longer periods of accumulation should cause the taxpayer to choose the IRA.