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the fractional change in length or area or volume per unit change in temperature at a given constant pressure

a quality characterized by magnificence of scale or the tendency to expand

a friendly open trait of a talkative person

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Expansivity implies sensitive dependence; hence positive expansive chaos implies Wiggins chaos.
The soil expansivity, which was "moderate" for the clayey soil, was also improved to "negligible" with 20% proportion of the marble powder when clayey soil was tested for free swelling ratio.
However, this has been clearly stated and explained by Streett for liquid argon [23] that the adjustable T-dependence of empirical EOS becomes the crucial factor in representing the expansivity [[alpha].sub.P] and, especially, heat capacities [C.sub.P],[C.sub.v] at high pressures even if the reliable input data of sound velocity W(P, T) were used.
where [[alpha].sub.P] is the "volume expansivity" or "coefficient of thermal expansion" of the liquid.
Kumar, "A comparative study of Suzuki and Kumar formulations for thermal expansivity," Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, vol.
From B and from handbook values of heat capacity C, volume thermal expansivity [beta], and volume V, we computed the effective Gruneisen parameter:
This matches Rousseau's (1990) report in which the psychological contract was classified into "performance salary," "expansivity," "training," "high salary," "working guarantee," and "support." "Performance salary" and "high salary" were combined into "salary" in this study; "expansivity" and "promotion" were combined into "expansivity"; "training" and "promotion" were combined into "opportunity to attend advanced study"; "support" was classified as "working culture and environment"; and Rousseau's "working guarantee" was adopted unchanged.
Building on expansive soils requires arrangements that generally depend on the expansivity of the soil, but these arrangements often generate some important over costs.
(4) Expansivity: If there exists [Delta] [is greater than] 0 such that for every pair of distinct configurations x, y there exists an integer n such that d([F.sup.n](x), [F.sup.n](y)) [is greater than] [Delta].
This means that thermal expansivity will drive the phase separation process.
This is a healthy development in the ride-hailing sector, as such expansivity provides opportunities for women to earn a livelihood and increases female participation in the economy.
Advantages of using C[O.sub.2] as a heat transmission fluid include larger expansivity (compressibility) and lower viscosity compared to water; C[O.sub.2] is also a poor mineral solvent compared to water [1].
Sladek, "Elasticity and thermal expansivity of [(AgI).sub.x][(AgP[O.sub.3]).sup.1-x] glasses," Physical Review B, vol.
where [I.sub.1] and [I.sub.2] are strain invariants; [lambda] is the expansivity; [[mu].sub.0] is the initial shear modulus of the polymer; [E.sub.0] is the initial elasticity modulus of the polymer; [E.sub.0] is Poisson's ratio of the polymer; and [C.sub.01] and [C.sub.10] are the related constants of the Moony-Rivlin model [14-16].