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Synonyms for expansive

Synonyms for expansive

Synonyms for expansive

able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion


of behavior that is impressive and ambitious in scale or scope


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marked by exaggerated feelings of euphoria and delusions of grandeur

friendly and open and willing to talk

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According to De La Torre, any home built on expansive soil should be inspected on a regular basis to prevent serious foundation issues.
The cement paste mixed with expansive additive consists of water, hydration products, unhydrated cement, and unhydrated expansive additive, as shown in Figure 1.
The merit of locating TBLT in Expansive Learning theory is that it provides concrete explanations for how the Expansive Learning Theory cycles of meaning making and negotiation can be worked into task phases.
RURAL SPLENDOUR Herrington Hill House is an expansive Georgian country home offering fantastic accommodation.
This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation using modified oedometer for evaluating the vertical and lateral swelling potential and lateral swelling pressure of expansive clay under one-dimensional loading conditions.
It's about finding the balance between not being too expansive and trying to score.
Chatterjee's rigorous introduction announces what a more expansive and historically grounded history of the family might look like.
Our last column discussed how expansive soil lifted a deck.
Highly informative and detailed unlike any other for its subject, Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders acts righteously as an invaluable expansive reference for an extensive introduction and indispensable understanding of management and proper assessment, as well as historical progressive sciences of speech language and hearing in breathing disorders.
0 Programming With VB 2005 deftly co-authored by computer experts Anne Boehm and Doug Lowe provides a expansive reference and guide for the 2.
Kurzweil sees a moment where, through virtual reality and expansive computer memory, all dreams can be made real and all obstacles to immortality removed.
Miers continued the expansive interpretation of presidential powers favored by her predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, who backed Bush's authority to hold terrorist suspects without trial, as well as the White House's right to withhold more administration documents from public disclosure than in the past.
95, a glossy and geographically expansive survey that tracks the leading edge of the museum building boom.
The Ninth Circuit decision takes the most expansive definition one could possibly imagine of terms such as 'adverse action,'" National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies public policy director Robert Detlefsen said.
California lawmakers in Congress forced into an expansive spending bill thousands of dollars for repair of one of the state's Roman Catholic missions.