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Synonyms for expanse

Synonyms for expanse

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

Synonyms for expanse

a wide scope

the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

a wide and open space or area as of surface or land or sky

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The mountains rose abruptly out of the glassy expanse of the lagoon, included within this narrow white line, outside which the heaving waters of the ocean were dark-coloured.
The avenue opened into a broad expanse of turf, and the house lay before us.
As I neared the confines of the forest I beheld before me and between the grove and the open sea, a broad expanse of meadow land, and as I was about to emerge from the shadows of the trees a sight met my eyes that banished all romantic and poetic reflection upon the beauties of the strange landscape.
Between development towns, small Bedouin cities, and several kibbutzim (including Sde Boker, which became David Ben-Gurion's retirement home), the Negev is a vast, arid expanse full of surprises.
Tony Crowley, 61, who lives in Rainford and took the video, said a nearby field had been submerged under a massive expanse of water after the Rainford Brook burst its banks.
But the network has a plan to reverse that trend, with an ambitious slate of dramas including "Childhood's End," "The Expanse," "The Magicians" and "Hunters," all based on bestselling genre novels.
COREY: Corey is a pseudonym used by science fiction authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who collaborate on the space opera the Expanse series (starting with Leviathan Wakes *** SELECTION Sept/Oct 2011).
Because testosterone increases body hair growth and infertility in women, greater pubic hair expanse could function as a visual heuristic of female infertility for men.
A fence with a minimum height of 3ft is followed by an expanse of water that, from the landing side of the fence to the end of the water, measures 9ft, a width that had been 12ft before specifications made in 2000.
When the demon king Ravana kidnaps Ram's wife Sita, Ram's army is blocked from rescuing her by a wide expanse of water--but magical Hanuman can cross the ocean in a single bound.
The inclusion of the book's illustrator, friend and celebrated artist Alexis Rockman, who collects animal scat for pigment and smokes a lot of marijuana, keeps it humorous, and the detailed accounts of the habitats, from underwater expanse to lush rainforest, draw a vivid picture of the world where the tiger once roamed and the dangers of both encroaching pests (like feral cats and foxes) and unchecked logging.
The largest area to be protected, off the Aleutian Islands, covers 279,000 square nautical miles, an expanse the size of Texas and Colorado combined.
On the last expanse of untrammeled Midwestern grassland, Jones examines the interrelations of aquifers with prairie chickens and deerflies, of wild berries and nuts in the native American diet.
Introducing readers to a comprehensive and scholarly study of the theological and public or civic differentials in Indian culture, Religious Identity And Political Destiny explores the intricacies of Hinduism from the perspective of an original study, including autobiographical happenings, and ethnographic concepts to thoroughly cover a grasp of the ideological involvement with respect to the expanse of general Indian life.
While he and Sanders take turns dancing with Kimura, enjoying the expanse of newly vacant space, Winheld and Kotze, with concentrated fervor, use the columns to construct a boardwalk that ends in a staircase.