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Synonyms for expanse

Synonyms for expanse

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

Synonyms for expanse

a wide scope

the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

a wide and open space or area as of surface or land or sky

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Thus, the impact of higher testosterone on women of reproductive age may serve as the biological basis for greater female pubic hair expanse to function as a visual infertility heuristic among male perceivers.
A scholar who writes a book covering such an expanse of time and place can probably be forgiven certain lapses in mastery of the secondary literature.
I spent several years studying a French bassin industriel with Marcel Proust's lines from Le Temps retrouve in mind: "I knew very well that my brain was a rich bassin rainier, where there was a wide and quite diverse expanse of precious coalbeds.
The three-story, curved expanse of glass marking the entrance to the brand new Taubman Student Services Center, dedicated April 7, gives the abstract impression of arms extended in a grand gesture of welcome.
The result, projected in an unusual panoramic expanse some thirteen feet wide and three feet high, is a fragmented recording of diagrams, notes, photographs, and video clips that concerns, we are told, an explosion in Beirut on January 21, 1986.
On a 650-acre expanse of farmland near Cologne, Germany, adjacent to a former NATO missile base, 16 architects and artists from around the world are currently creating an experimental development called Hombroich spaceplacelab: a unique and daring merger of art, architecture and landscape.
Sitting on the pool's edge, audience members will view dancers moving across the vast expanse of the pool.
In the last decade of the 19th century, ranchers moved into the area known as Apacheria, a huge, harsh expanse encompassing New Mexico, Arizona, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonoma.
It may be that we are blessed with a mostly temperate climate in Sydney, but the expanse of unprotected single-pane glass shows no regard for the vagaries of the weather which regularly take place along the coast: windstorms, thunderstorms or the unrelenting blaze of sunshine.
His exquisite photos allow the voices of plants, animals and indigenous people to be heard, and make it impossible to consider this land as a barren expanse.
Covering an expanse of 68,500 acres, Rattlesnake Hills features 17 wineries, 29 vineyards and approximately 1,500 bearing acres.
JOEL R, PRIMACK AND NANCY ELLEN ABRAMS In the span of 400 years, Earth has gone from the center of the universe--according to people's understanding--to a perhaps-insignificant planet in an immense expanse of stars and emptiness.
In 18 Trees in an Autumn Forest, Butler combines Klimt-like dots and squares of foliage with stark brown trunks that chop up the picture plane, while the ground is made up of an expanse of swirls that give it the appearance of a geological map gone awry.
They walked the newly restored boardwalk, stopped at outdoor eateries and enjoyed the endless expanse of ocean as they witnessed the rebirth of this historic seaside city.
The biggest problem facing the expedition is that no one knows where the home planet of the attacker is located within the Expanse.