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Synonyms for expand

spread (out)


expand on something


Synonyms for expand

to make or become more comprehensive or inclusive

to express at greater length or in greater detail

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

Synonyms for expand

extend in one or more directions

become larger in size or volume or quantity

make bigger or wider in size, volume, or quantity

grow vigorously

exaggerate or make bigger

expand the influence of

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The following are descriptions of some psychological resources that could potentially expand learning, even when there are discrimination barriers.
States can expand coverage to populations above 200 percent of the FPL, but they have to demonstrate that all populations below 200 percent are covered.
Starting this year, taxpayers who meet the expanded definition of principal place of business will be able to deduct mileage between home and customer offices.
To avoid capitalization of investigatory and start-up costs incurred to expand an existing business, taxpayers may have to successfully argue no significant future benefit is present.
Staff training and employee support are two other services which would allow rehabilitation counselors to expand their contact with business.
Melnick skillfully explores the implications of those theories, from the "common law of need" created by the courts in the 1960s as welfare was expanded, to the "right to a free and appropriate education."
Francisco Fernandez, founder and group chief executive of Zurich-based Avaloq, said that the firm is also looking to expand globally.
Just ask University of Arizona President Peter Likins, who learned in mid-February that proposed plans to expand UA into a five-university system would be scrapped.
The drastic difference in numbers is why some larger recyclers advocate a centralized system for "other" bottle recycling as a means to expand total collections, Karl Mockros, vice president of Recycle America Alliance (RAA), Houston, says.
Dameron Alloy Foundries, Compton, Calif., has expanded the company's investment casting capabilities through two recent acquisitions as well as established a new casting plant south of the border.
The community of Haileybury added a new forest products business in mid-June, a success that SEDU would like to expand on.
The FIFA president has a predictable way of working expand, expand, expand.
Global Banking News-January 3, 2019--Wells to expand its asset management business in Europe after Brexit