exothermic reaction

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a chemical reaction accompanied by the evolution of heat

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The exothermic reactions of methacrylate materials can be uncomfortable for many patients, and the smell and taste of these materials are unpleasant as well.
75, and 1:1 exhibited exothermic reactions at 150[degrees]C, eqMRs of 1:2 and 1:3 showed exothermic peaks at 185[degrees]C, and an eq-MR of 1:4 presented an exothermic peak at 180[degrees]C.
3 respectively into a round bottomed flask and stirred by magnetic stirrer at room temperature, an exothermic reaction ensued instantaneously giving HCl vapor and a molten mass.
Once ignited, the exothermic reaction between the titanium and the carbon maintains itself as long as reactants are available ([Ti.
While the synthetic production of urea requires only that ammonia and carbon dioxide combine within a reactor at high temperature and pressure, the creation of ammonium nitrate requires a violent and exothermic reaction between anhydrous ammonia gas and nitric acid.
In all three mill types, the pulverization process is like an exothermic reaction.
Later, chemical heating pads (such as the exothermic reaction of mixing calcium oxide and water) was used.
If they are exposed to air or heat, they can go into a spontaneous exothermic reaction and explode.
The Carbon-Ply ESR Resin elevates in temperature during its exothermic reaction as it cures.
3], predictions of external catalytic surface temperatures between 393-400 K are not affected by ideal Dufour conduction, but the neglect of Soret diffusion results in a 35-50 K overestimate of measured temperatures on the catalytic surface because positive thermal diffusion coefficients for oxygen impede the net diffusional mass flux of this heavy reactant toward the exothermic reaction site (Zhu et al.
Some experts believe that mixing powdered plaster (known as gypsum) and water can create an exothermic reaction which heats to 150 degrees, which would burn human skin irreparably.
Although cementitious resurfacing products modified with epoxy polymer are similar to other materials used to repair concrete substrates, they are unique in that the epoxy chemically co-reacts in an exothermic reaction rather than relying solely on the hydrolysis of the cement particles.
It helps if you know the formula for a polyatomic ion, the common name for the antineuritic vitamin (thiamine), what an exothermic reaction is, and if you can work out complicated chemistry formulas and mathematical equations in your head in seconds.
Materials such as seashells, chalk or Blue Lias limestone, from South Wales, must be burnt in a kiln and slaked (mixed with water) producing an exothermic reaction, that when settled, produces sticky putty.
A coating of the amine remains on the aluminum surface and forms an exothermic reaction with the resin, generating heat to keep the resin sufficiently fluid to enter the tiny holes, which would not otherwise occur.