exothermic reaction

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a chemical reaction accompanied by the evolution of heat

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1%) was used to obtain the exothermic reaction curves of the SMC (sheet molding compound) paste samples.
2] composites were manufactured with an exothermic reaction process via KB[F.
The melt undergoes an exothermic reaction in the furnace before it is drawn up into the investment shell.
This exothermic reaction blows the shell apart: It transforms the mixture of chemical powders into hot gases that expand suddenly.
Their assumption is based on the relative simplicity and reduced time/temperature history of the cyclic technology, which requires no exothermic reaction or net change in the chemistry of the resin matrix in contrast with a thermoset system.
API's technology is based on the exothermic reaction of aluminum powder and water, combined with proprietary additives which act as catalysts, initiators, and reactants.
Now in their third generation, QuikClot products in the new EMS line are infused with kaolin, a mineral that has been clinically shown to initiate the body's natural coagulation cascade, rapidly accelerating the clotting process without causing any exothermic reaction.
The model simulates a process of exothermic reaction in a stirred tank reactor (Fig.
However, the organic peroxide decomposition is a highly exothermic reaction (for instance, the heat evolved in the decomposition of pure benzoyl peroxide measured by DSC is 400 J/g [7]) and different amounts of initiator can give different values for [DELTA][H.
For instance, during the dissolution of modifiers containing elemental Sr, an exothermic reaction occurs if melt temperatures are near 1292F (700C).
The curing of the silicone rubber compound is exothermic reaction.
But often there is still a lack of knowledge regarding potential exothermic reaction of chemical compounds.
The patent also covers a multi-stage reactor designed to utilize energy produced by the highly exothermic reaction and recycling of the magnesium as feedstock.
During the exothermic reaction a considerable quantity of heat is developing so the reaction control is necessary.