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a compound that gives off heat during its formation and absorbs heat during its decomposition

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Looking into this further, controlling temperature is critical to a successful scale-up within a process development or commercialization cycle, and this is particularly true when dealing with exotherms within a reaction.
As seen from the thermograms, the curing exotherm was shifted to lower temperature and finally disappeared at 250[degrees]C.
Exotherms were identified manually from a plot of thermistor output (x axis) versus loaded-TEM output minus empty-TEM output (y axis).
While the tiny particles are not new to concrete, CoolCure becomes the first agent in its class to be deployed for heat of hydration or exotherm control.
The data in Figure 6 show a [T.sub.g] in the -20[degrees]C range (attributable to the two reactants) and an exotherm associated with cure over the 50 to 200[degrees]C range.
These observations suggest that stored carbonaceous compounds decrease with an increase in exposure temperature and so does the risk of exotherm and impact on NOx conversion.
In addition, sample C exhibited a second exotherm peak at 303[degrees]C, whereas no second exotherm peak was observed in samples A and B.
Low exotherm while curing permits large encapsulations.
The temperature of onset ([T.sub.i]), peak temperature ([T.sub.p]), and the temperature of completion of the exotherm (Tstop) are noted in Fig.
Thus the temperature rise during curing of light activated resin restoratives is related to both polymerisation exotherm of the material and heat output from the light curing unit.
As anticipated both monomers show a typical minimum temperature and curves of exotherm attributed to ring opening polymerization.
They meet ASTM F1216 requirements and reduce the likelihood of stress cracking and shrinkage with a lower exotherm in the enhanced version.
It can be seen that gradual weight loss occurred up to 363 [degrees]C which was only 2 wt%, corresponding to the exotherm peak at 338 [degrees]C in DTA.
During the first heating cycle, there is a large exotherm at high temperatures indicative of exothermic reactions possibly due to peroxide decomposition followed by formation of carbon--carbon and carbon--oxygen bonds.
This product has a two to one mix ratio by weight or volume, along with a low viscosity and exotherm, enabling it to be cast in larger sections up to 2-3" thick.