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Thus, Berg's text can be read exoterically, as a straightforward account of the beautiful in the city as found in Plato's Symposium, but there is the esoteric account too, which can be read as a furthering of the conversation begun by Leo Strauss in The City and Man.
While in this world, these faiths appear to contradict each other exoterically, which is only natural.
Comus and Samson limn contrasting epiphenomenal images of that theoretical model: "where the Lady holds to an esoteric stance, expressly refusing to articulate her being, Samson expresses his being repeatedly and exoterically [because he is incarnated] with the meaning of divine selection" (94).
Leo Strauss (1952) taught that the major canonical writers, especially philosophers, wrote in two fashions within the same text, exoterically and esoterically.
They [the authors of this Judeo-legal teaching] have spoken, however, exoterically .