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suitable for the general public

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Sufis' lack of interest in exoteric Islam and religious rules has always been a point of conflict between the Sufis and the clerics.
For example, in Brazil, Haiti, India and Africa, the esoteric culture is openly practiced and coexists with the exoteric or mainstream culture.
Weinersmith's cartoon depicts a world in which humans are pushed into ever more absurd, exoteric jobs.
Building on Strauss's sketch, Melzer proposes that "philosophical esotericism" involves three characteristics: a writer's attempt to convey "certain truths" or a "teaching" to a select audience; an attempt to hide those truths from others; and the construction of an exoteric teaching, a "fictional doctrine," to satisfy the nonelite.
For our purposes here those inconsistencies will be dichotomised with a Straussian methodology of 'double truth' (Smith, 2009: 3)--distinguishing between esoteric and exoteric neoliberalisms.
This compilation continues the tradition of sufi malfuz literature and discusses many aspects of both esoteric and exoteric relevance.
The exoteric aspect of the truth without the esoteric aspect is hypocrisy, and the esoteric without the exoteric is heresy.
Young's recent monograph The Russian Cosmists discusses such thinkers, working under the influence of Nikolai Federov, under the rubric of Cosmism, 'a highly controversial and oxymoronic blend of activist speculation, futuristic traditionalism, religious science, exoteric esotericism, utopian pragmatism, idealistic materialism--higher magic partnered to higher mathematics.
The worldly powers of exoteric religion, colonization, and the postcolonial nationalist bourgeoisie (effendis) are tyrannical and destructive.
In Part II, Hershock chronicles the significant moments, sects, figures, and practices that constitute what he calls "Public Zen," or the institutional and exoteric aspects of Zen.
4- A, B), demonstrating that the decrease of photosynthesis resulted from the decline of exoteric extent of reaction center that less light was used for photochemical reaction (Hu et al.
Portnoff points out that Fackenheim seeks to engage in a metaphysical tradition that for Strauss is only exoteric.