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expel through adjuration or prayers

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As described above, it was tantric monk Padmasabhava who exorcized Tibet of its demons and paved the way for the establishment of Buddhism.
and to Padmasabhava, the legendary Indian tantric master who exorcized Tibet's demons at the end of the eighth century.
Fourteen years after he took over a horrific program - Arizona was 4-24 the year before he arrived - he has finally exorcized the demons of first-round losses past.
He performed some of the rituals of exorcism in the Sierra Morena and then exorcized himself with the words of the exorcism ritual on the Noche de San Juan in Barcelona.
Having exorcized the Curse of the Bambino by ending an 86-year championship drought in 2004, the Red Sox took the opportunity of their 2007 championship season to try to exorcize a curse that was equally irrational and infinitely more cruel: the unwarranted and deeply hurtful scapegoating - by the media and fans alike - of Bill Buckner for the team's failure to win the Major League Baseball championship in 1986.