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to an exorbitant degree

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The tax impact of this levy would be exorbitantly high and almost unbearable, he said.
19 show in Mumbai would be free after press reports in India said the concert would be exorbitantly expensive.
However, owing to local taxation laws and other factors, the Indian launch prices were initially exorbitantly high.
Children of NRIs were treated under the NRI category and the fee was exorbitantly high.
AA decision to discloseA the pay of the head of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) and his deputies was made in July following legislative proposals made by some MPs to set limits to those remuneration packages, which they claimed were exorbitantly high.
For the record, I refuse to park at the Grove, probably do pay too much to live near exorbitantly priced breakfast burritos, and if "Hancock Park Adjacent" doesn't mean "hoping one day to have three shows in syndication," I'm not sure what does.
Attorneys also highlighted an array of impossible demands made by landlords such as advocating an exorbitantly expensive internal/external face-lifting of old tenements knowing well that low-incomed tenants are incapable of meeting and thus risking being thrown to the street.
The Coal India arm convinced large domestic customers like Vedanta, Hindalco, Jindals to take one-third of contracted supplies by environmentally polluting and exorbitantly expensive road transport.
The prices of staple goods in Israel are exorbitantly high in comparison to other developed nations, economics professor Manuel Trajtenberg said Monday, some three years after his committee published a laundry list of proposals for tackling Israel's high cost of living.
He begins by discussing the pitfalls of assessment testing, including the facts that the texts are exorbitantly long and cause much anxiety in many students.
75% of electricity is based on furnace oil, which makes it cost exorbitantly high.
It may have escaped the attention of our councillors that not everyone is besotted by mobile phones, keeping one only for emergencies and certainly not one of the exorbitantly priced mini-computers that are capable of carrying out the operation.
He emphasized the imperative that the government free up enormous tracts of land for housing development, which subsequently would drive real estate prices down, since currently they were exorbitantly high.
It is alleged they were singled out for unnecessary, poor quality and exorbitantly over-priced work to their homes.
Because Myrid claimed ownership of the genes, it could charge exorbitantly high rates for tests, and limit scientists' access to the genes.