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sequence of a gene's DNA that transcribes into protein structures

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KIT Exon 17 mutations have been identified as drivers in multiple diseases, and the presence of these mutations greatly reduces the effective treatment options available to patients.
4 274 P5-R CACAGTGTCGGAGGGGTA Gene Primer Amplified Location of exon (b) region (a) Myf5 P1-F g.
These work on the principle that failure of an exon to amplify by PCR in hemizygous males indicates that the exon is deleted.
Several rare mutations in KRAS exon 3 were amplified from human FFPE tissues and cloned into the pCR-4 vector (Table 3) to ensure enough amount of mutated DNA for the implementation.
In obese subjects with and without DM, exon1, exon 2, exon 3, exon 4, exon 6, exon 7 and exon 9 were all found to be wild type.
To the Editor: Exon copy number variants (CNVs) in the CFTR gene have been identified as a new type of mutation in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients.
An arginine for glycine substitution in exon 10 (G199R) was present in only one of the 45 patients with TBMN and in none of the 143 normal subjects.
For this, they used the exon skipping technique which occurs at the moment of splicing.
Wiesener lost in the round of 16 to Elizabeth Exon of Woodbridge High at last year's Southern Section Individuals.
Susan Exon, one of the doctors involved, said: "We have managed over the past month to arrange locum cover and keep the two premises open.
Although cells identify protein-coding regions and junk DNA with aplomb, computer programs can have difficulty searching over long stretches of junk--sometimes several thousand bases--to find the next exon, says Salzberg.
5 now interprets exon microarray, proteomics and metabolomics experiments together for the first time, using a familiar interface.
By inhibiting PDGFR[eth] D842V and KIT Exon 17 mutants, which are key drivers of treatment-resistant GIST, BLU-285 could offer a highly targeted therapy for patients who have no effective treatment options.