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derived or originating externally

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Recently, exogenic pancreas was developed in mice and pigs by performing blastocyst complementation with PSCs (Kobayashi et al.
The species owes this far northern distribution to its ability to make optimal use of exogenic energy sources for the hatching of its eggs.
Ascorbate, alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene and ergothionein are exogenic antioxidants.
The methodological and the informational basis for evaluation of effectiveness of state management bodies activity on the basis of spatial aspects of public officials labor potential development is establishment of endogenic and exogenic factors, influencing the state body labor potential management (table 1) (Kiseleva, A.
We conclude that some unusual minerals observed in the central peaks of many lunar impact craters could be exogenic (external) in origin and may not be indigenous to the Moon," they wrote.
Odonto- genesis is overall very sensitive to numerous exogenic and endogenic factors, such as diet and fluoride intake, that may modify tooth-bud growth in maturation, thus resulting in anatomical variations in dental morphol- ogy.
To overcome this problem, current research has focused on developing alternative materials like exogenic bioscaffolds.
coli) was reported in 1973, expressing an exogenic Salmonella gene (1), Genentech (now a member of the Roche Group) was the first company to announce the creation of an E.
Future therapeutic approaches should focus on reducing exogenic SM intake, utilizing new SM blockers, and synthesizing AMDC inhibitors.
It is also known that enzyme-synthesizing systems of various parts of intestine have different responses to the effect of exogenic and endogenic factors.
There also exists an interesting attempt to unite these two aspects in the concepts of the exogenic and endogenic parameters of translation (les parametres exogenes, les parametres endogenes).
Responses in the mycelial growth of Aspergillus niger isolates to arsenic contaminated environments and their resistance to exogenic metal stress.
For the reason that the crystal size changes, with the increasing exogenic force, the molecular chain will be taken off from surface of the crystal for the force that supports the oscillating motion before it has reached the surface of the crystal.