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Synonyms for exodus

Synonyms for exodus

departure from one's native land to settle in another

the act of leaving

Synonyms for exodus

a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment


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the second book of the Old Testament: tells of the departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt led by Moses

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Instead, he included in his alternative taxable income for AMT purposes $452,025, the excess of the price for Exodus common stock reported on the NASDAQ on April 15, 2001, over the price he paid.
Exodus Communications is a leading provider of Internet system, network management solutions and technology professional services for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations.
If you purchased shares of Exodus during the Class Period, you may move the Court no later than September 10, 2001 to serve as lead plaintiff for the Class.
Note to Editors: Exodus and Exodus Communications are trademarks of Exodus Communications, Inc.
By combining MSM with the Exodus Incident Response service, Exodus now offers a more complete defense and response solution.
From Exodus and much of the Old Testament, however, the one meaning that stands out is that "special people" bear great responsibility.
The second mention, however, compels us to identify the Egypt-like bondage we experience in our lives - personally and spiritually - and to begin the exodus toward change.
At the most clinical (but insidious) end of the propaganda spectrum is the California-based Exodus International and its network of some 95 "ex-gay" affiliate ministries around the country.
The last three films are being financed by a fund launched by Exodus earlier this year.
Japanese and European customer contracts, employees, selected corporate and Internet Data Center (IDC) assets, know-how, intellectual property, including the Exodus brand, and other resources required to support customers and grow the business.
Actor Eddie Griffin, whose current film "Dysfunktional Family" is out in theatres, has inked a deal with Venice, CA based Exodus Film Group to voice the character of "Babe the Blue Ox" in the company's upcoming production of "Paul Bunyan," a part live-action part CGI feature film.
Exodus will manage the company's storage and back-up, with Exodus DataVault, provide managed firewalls, performance monitoring with Exodus Enterprise Systems Monitoring, and ongoing infrastructure consulting.
Eraklis, head of Exodus Film Group, announced today the signing on of Steve Perry as producer on Exodus' upcoming feature film, "Paul Bunyan.
Exodus IDC facilities are constructed for security including seismic stability, and the Company maintains extensive physical controls including manned entry points, alarm systems, biometric identification, video surveillance monitoring, on-site 24-hour certified security personnel, fire suppression and environmental controls, and identification procedures for entry into each of its facilities.