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This led up to the first significant 'crisis', and its suppression, within the exiled SWAPO in 1968.
One of Aurobindo's associates, Suresh Chakravarti, recalled the moment he, with Srinivasacharya, an orthodox Tamil Brahmin exiled in Pondicherry, received Aurobindo on board the ship in which he arrived in Pondicherry.
After having fled the massacre and the depopulation of the Banda-islands in 1621, the villages of Banda Eli and Banda Elat in the Kei-islands refuse to see themselves as exiled, and instead opt for more neutral ways to commemorate their journey from Banda.
He reads in Dubliners the exiled experience, even though its characters are not in physical exile.
It was a German film, shot in Germany with German money that exiled producer Arnold Pressburger received as Wiedergutmachung.
Specific to exiled children, the General Assembly on 4 December 1986 adopted the Resolution on Measures of Assistance Provided to South African and Namibian Refugee Women and Children, which called upon all governments, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations to assist refugee children outside South Africa and Namibia.
On display until March 30 at the Depo art space in ystanbul's Tophane neighborhood, the exhibition "20 Dollars 20 Kilos" takes its visitors into the lost lives and hopes of these exiled ystanbul Greeks through a series of historical documents, voice recordings, memorabilia, newspaper reports and a video work.
for a writer, who is the exiled one, the language is his placenta [.
2 ( ANI ): As exiled Tibetans on Monday came together to celebrate their 53rd Democracy Day in Dharamsala, officials said that the occasion was a big achievement for their community.
The survey indicated that exiled journalists live in very difficult conditions suffering anxiety about their family members back home and getting trapped in a legal limbo being unable to secure job.
However, two contributions by literary scholars, D'Addario's analysis of Abraham Cowley's reassessment of the purpose of poetry and Major's examination of the spiritual diaries of another exiled regicide, William Goffe, could have been strengthened by situating these works in a biblical as well as historical context.
But included in the 43,000 were about 20,000 children who had never set foot in or fully experienced the country to which they were being repatriated, having been born to or raised by exiled soldiers and refugees of the struggle.
Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on Monday formally offered to step down as political head of the Tibetan government-in-exile.
This paper theorizes and recasts the Cuban-American exile experience in Miami as explicable not only as the story of successful economic and political incorporation, although the literature certainly emphasizes this interpretation, but one consisting of permanent liminality institutionalized by structural components of the exiled diaspora.
dissertation at New York University explores the relationship between Roman poet Ovid (43 BC- 17 AD) and the emperor Augustine, who exiled him from Rome, and how he constructed the figure of the poet in exile.