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Synonyms for exhort

Synonyms for exhort

to impel to action


Synonyms for exhort

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

force or impel in an indicated direction

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Therefore, we, as a church council, will do our best to teach our religious leaders and exhort our people to sharpen our spiritual discernment in order to enable us to reject finances and other resources borne out of corruption, criminal activities and drug-related deals, especially those from politicians who are behind, directly or indirectly, those illegal drug productions and distributions.
Morocco calls, once again, upon the European Union to use its clout to exhort Algeria to fully shoulder its responsibilities with regard to protecting Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, the members of his family and his relatives against collective, arbitrary sanctions inflicted on them by polisario," Menouar Alem, Morocco's ambassador to the UN, said.
In a telegram to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano just before leaving, Benedict said he was "filled with a great desire to meet the youth of the entire world to exhort them to become courageous witnesses of the love of Christ".
Bertie Ahern's final act as Taoiseach should be to exhort all donor governments to buy up and divert food stocks to the world's poor.
Specifically, the author exhorts us readers to "synagogue" together (episunagoge) in worship and thereby encourage/exhort (parakaleo; cf.
The overture was highly unusual as North Korean propagandists have turned anti-Americanism into a near religion and regularly exhort their people to prepare for a possible war with 'US imperialists'.
Roy's aim, when she speaks to packed audiences or writes her incisive essays, is a straightforward one: to expose injustice, to explain why this or that indignity is being visited upon this or that community, and then to exhort us to mobilize, unite and fight back.
That America's trial bar is encouraged to pick up evidence and wildly exhort the jury about its merit (or demerit), versus the English practice of considering the jury as intelligent enough to give appropriate weight to hard evidence based on the opposing barristers' articulations concerning it from the podium?
The court noted that the underlying conviction established that the leader used religion as a means to exhort his followers to commit numerous racketeering acts including acts of murder.
In this paperback release of their 1998 hardback, Charan and Tichy exhort businesses to challenge their internal thinking.
True, many offices, including my own, constantly exhort the girls to continue using carbon paper for routine tasks, but what girl in her right mind is going to waste her time--and soil her fingers--with that stuff, when it's possible to recline gracefully against the Xerox, watching the copies spew out and passing the time of day with other girls awaiting their turn at the machine?
An author's task is to understand and explain, not exhort.
Thus, a second implication is that CEOs can no longer be merely transactional managers who put out fires in the plant, exhort the sales force, consider capacity expansion and otherwise manage the day-to-day transaction of business.
His character changes, however; he is now extremely wise, and, in his repentance, he uses the time of his wandering to exhort other men to be mindful of their sins and avoid the wrath of God.
CDATA[ New posters in Jerusalem's hareidi neighborhoods exhort residents to demonstrate at Intel plant this Saturday.