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made joyful


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The public will be asked what makes them feel exhilarated and can share words, pictures, sound and film as a means of inspiring Emeli, from Alford, Aberdeenshire.
Dr Witchel also came up with lists of tunes which made us feel happy or exhilarated.
Joaquin Jackson was accepted as a Texas Ranger in 1966, he was exhilarated, and that feeling for the job never left him.
Time passes without notice and the satisfaction of this physical work leaves me exhilarated.
Esplanade, a Paul Taylor masterpiece staged by artistic director and former Taylor dancer Hernando Cortez, exhilarated the standing-room-only audience with its spirit and infectious energy.
The $460,000 Verdugo Park skate facility, a concept that has been around since 1995, is a model skate park and has Glendale skaters exhilarated after years of disappointment.
I trudged into the screening room with grim expectations and came out exhilarated.