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Synonyms for exhibitionism

showy mannerisms and behavior

Synonyms for exhibitionism

extravagant and conspicuous behavior intended to attract attention to yourself

the perverse act of exposing and attracting attention to your own genitals


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That's one thing social media has provided: a technological platform for all of us to display our inner exhibitionist.
They can either submit a short video via the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Facebook page explaining why they deserve to be an exhibitionist and what object they would bring with them to display, or complete an application form that can be collected from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
The Exhibitionists will be shown on BBC Two Wales on Wednesday, June 27 at 10pm.
With millions of Internet exhibitionists and cell-phone camera snoops collectively functioning as an open-source Big Brother, how much need is there for the government's electronic eyes?
The law can thus apply even to ``Romeo and Juliet'' cases of consenting teens who yielded to their roaring hormones, or to exhibitionists, peeping Toms, and other relatively harmless types.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with pornography and I should think any pervert who thought otherwise would find out pretty quickly that genuine naturists have no time for peeping toms and exhibitionists, wee, big or otherwise.
The exhibitionists are heading to Newcastle, Co Down, for a bit of voyeur action.
Gary Lee Boas's photograph In front of Badlands at the corner of Christopher and West Street (all works undated, from the series "New York Sex," 1979-85) shows a rainbow coalition of male types on a sunny day at the intersection of gay and gay: gym bunnies, shirtless exhibitionists, older gents.
Bez seems like a nice enough lad, but locked in there with the assorted loonies, exhibitionists, intellectuals (
During his graphic design course Will devised the theme for Graduate Exhibitionists - Coventry University's final year degree show, which was held in June.
Committed Christian Cameron Stout isn't your archetypal Big Brother housemate but he saw off all the hard-drinking, party-loving exhibitionists - and Jon Tickle - to land the Pounds 70,000 prize.
Of those, 406 were pedophiles, 111 were exhibitionists, and 109 were characterized as "sexually aggressive," with most diagnosed as "paraphilic disorder not otherwise specified" or antisocial personality disorder.
Villa fan Tom, who sells soccer souvenirs, table football teams and other accessories from his store in Lichfield, described the wooden exhibitionists as the ultimate tactical weapon.
Instead of making a political move, he chose to be photographed in the nude, which is exactly what Falwell thinks of our culture: exhibitionists.