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capable of being used up

capable of being used up

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Savings funds, sometimes also called 'future- generation funds', are established to tackle the long-term challenges of preserving revenues from exhaustible commodities for future generations.
resources should be considered exhaustible if they can be depleted.
The workhorse model dates back to 1931, when Harold Hotelling's classic paper studied a framework in which exhaustible resource owners can freely allocate the production of the resource across time.
In addition countries must consider future generations: oil and gas stocks are an exhaustible natural resource wealth.
They promote innovation and efficiency, but they are not prescient about longterm future demands for exhaustible resources, nor for sustaining resources that are being degraded through overuse.
Thus, energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting technologies are being created to combat exhaustible feedstock used to generate energy.
The landscape then becomes one more cultural space to be colonised by the relentless consumerism that characterises urban lifestyles (the recent wave of environmental awareness in Western countries has similarly been accompanied by various fads and fashions and attempts to turn it into yet another profitable, consumable, exhaustible and ultimately disposable item).
According to colleagues at the Thorium Energy Alliance, hot pockets just three to ten kilometers down are exhaustible, going to the mantle is impractical, and any material would melt there.
The verdict is clear: export restrictions cannot be imposed supposedly to conserve exhaustible natural resources if domestic use of the same raw materials is not limited for the same purpose.
The head pointed out that facing increasing resource and environment pressure, Chinese government has been reinforcing and improving its comprehensive regulation on high-polluting, high-energy-consuming and resource-consuming products in recent years, in an effort to respond to the needs to conserve exhaustible natural resources and protect environment, Xinhua said.
of the objective of sustainable development in the preamble of the WTO Agreement, [Article XX(g) could not] be read as referring only to the conservation of exhaustible mineral or other nonliving natural resources.
In the GATT, exceptions to "non-tariff barriers" are specifically reserved to those measures in national law that are necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health; necessary to secure compliance with other laws or regulations that are not inconsistent with the provisions of the GATT; and that pertain to conservation of exhaustible living and nonliving natural resources.
In line with WTO rules, EFTA free trade agreements also explicitly provide for the possibility to take the measures necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health, or relating to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources.
The list is far from exhaustible, so Venus must stand a chance.