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Synonyms for exhausted

Synonyms for exhausted

Synonyms for exhausted

drained of energy or effectiveness

depleted of energy, force, or strength



drained physically

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This effort exhausted the martial spirit, and satisfied the wounded pride of the Nez Perces, and they relapsed into their usual state of passive indifference.
2]) exhaust rate still had to be maintained; the air that was previously exhausted at points now used for supply had to shift to other exhaust points.
I said I didn't want to do this feckin' thing because I was exhausted.
Once supplies are exhausted, no more will be available.
The Forest Service generally contracts with private companies to operate firefighting air tankers, but on major fires private resources can be quickly exhausted.
When an athlete experiences fatigue while exercising, it is generally because he has exhausted the smaller, weaker muscle involved in the multi-joint movement.
All mold line exhaust gases are therefore exhausted out of the building through general ventilation vents and fans.
that the taxpayer has exhausted all effective and practical remedies to reduce the taxpayer's liability for foreign tax (including liability pursuant to a foreign tax audit adjustment.