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a pipe through which burned gases travel from the exhaust manifold to the muffler

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The Winsted Fire Department was called to cut off the exhaust pipe and free her head.
Urea water solution streaming into the exhaust pipe is gradually heated by high-temperature exhaust.
The Hydraulic Simulation Table 100 kg (H-ST-100), is a new addition to Moog Simulation Table solutions, designed to meet XinDeBao's specifications for the testing of automobile exhaust pipes. It is also capable of performing durability evaluations of other small vehicle components.
A Boston boy was killed by carbon monoxide while trying to keep warm after helping his father shovel out the car; when they got cold, the father started the engine and the boy got inside the car, but the car's exhaust pipe was covered by a snowbank.
"Some sort of foam had been used to block up the exhaust pipe. They said it wasn't worth my while trying to have it fixed so I have had to scrap it.
But when the Stoke winger raced off in his black Ferrari yesterday, it was all too much for the exhaust pipe - which promptly fell off.
The pounds 30,345 Edition Premium models feature 17 inch light alloys, a chrome exhaust pipe and chrome kidney grille, while the pounds 31,925 BMW X3 xDrive20d SE Edition Exclusive comes with 18-inch alloys, chrome grille and exhaust and xenon headlights.
Thurston route had to be evacuated from their electric-hybrid articulated bus near South A and South Eighth streets when flames began shooting out of the exhaust pipe, LTD spokesman Andy Vobora said.
However, in the first 2 minutes after a car is started, some toxic fuel doesn't burn entirely and gets spit out the exhaust pipe. Up to 95 percent of a vehicle's hydrocarbon emissions occur during this warm-up period.
has announced that its NormaConnect SEC (spherical exhaust clamp) is now available with a pre-positioner that simplifies exhaust pipe assembly.
COUNTRYSIDE: In response to Jeannie in Arizona's question about a fireplace insert, I had a home made one that worked real well made out of exhaust pipe. The insert was four or five two-inch car exhaust pipes bent in a "C" shape (flat on the bottom) with a one-inch piece of flat stock screwed to the top and bottom holding them about two inches apart so the ash could drop through.
Kyeong Lee, principal investigator of the project, explained that particles are collected along a nine-foot-long exhaust pipe at two-foot intervals.
It also has front, side and rear spoilers, chrome exhaust pipe trim and cool badging.