exhaust fumes

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gases ejected from an engine as waste products

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This causes the car to burn more fuel which, in turn, increases the amount of exhaust fumes released into the air.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a panel of experts working for the World Health Organisation, have recently concluded that exhaust fumes from diesel engines do cause cancer.
The group said gasoline exhaust fumes should be classified as "probably carcinogenic to humans", a finding that was unchanged from the previous IARC assessment made in 1989.
He may be prepared to work on his cars further away from your property if you mention the exhaust fumes.
With 3C technology, exhaust fumes pass through a series of horizontal channels and are sprayed with amine, an organic compound.
The company's US unit will fit a total of 60 fire stations throughout Philadelphia with Nederman Magna exhaust systems, a system which is especially developed to collect and filter diesel exhaust fumes at the fire stations, Nederman added.
IS passive smoking more dangerous than exposure to other everyday incidental vapours, such as vehicle exhaust fumes, aerosols and barbecues?
It seems to me Dubai has created its own little polluted micro-climate with dust, sand and exhaust fumes.
They died from carbon monoxide poisoning through inhaling exhaust fumes.
If your motor pool doesn't have an exhaust system, run those exhaust fumes safely outside with flexible exhaust extensions.
But the ranch house sat there 10 days, becoming more derelict as it was blasted with exhaust fumes and became the palette of taggers.
Massive chimneys are used to conceal lab exhaust fumes.
Cairo is known for its poor air quality, with its near-permanent haze a mix of industrial emissions, desert sand, and car exhaust fumes.
The FG 15N incorporates a catalytic converter to reduce exhaust fumes during indoor working.
Exhaust fumes were a problem and repairs were required en route, but John Deere dealerships lent a helping hand.