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a fan that moves air out of an enclosure

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The Filipina shouted loudly before she saw the hand being withdrawn quickly and removed from the exhaust fan.
The objective is usually to reduce compliance costs by installing one exhaust fan rather than two or more.
Richard Albano said on Thursday that he had directed all 12 police stations in the city to "secure all exhaust fans in detention cells" by either taking them down or by putting bars in the windows.
These high volume exhaust fans convert any enclosure into a negative-pressure room that safely contains biological materials, pharmaceutical powders, and other potential environmental hazards.
Nagle Energy Solutions and manufacturer Air Test Technologies retrofit five exhaust fans in an enclosed, 3-story parking garage.
The company asked Rick Hinde of Invertech Solutions to look at ways of controlling the exhaust fan with a variable speed drive.
Sometimes, adding an exhaust fan at the top can improve air flow.
But the remotely mounted, stainless steel Watson exhaust fan from Tamarack Technologies, Inc.
As you mentioned, humidity sensors are found in some top-end exhaust fans (from Broan, NuTone and Panasonic).
Many of these chefs speak little or no English or feel uncomfortable talking on camera, so the audio may be little more than chopping, grating, sizzling and the hum of a restaurant exhaust fan - but man can they cook.
To determine the size of the exhaust fan, use booth mathematics.
The combination of same-day shipping, factory direct prices and having a toll free number to HoodMart's friendly customer support, where people can ask all their restaurant exhaust fan questions, without any high pressure sales speak, makes people very comfortable working with HoodMart," said Pat Ranch, a product manager with HoodMart for many years.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fans 300mm Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan,450mm Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan,600mm Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan,Wall mount fan,Pedestal fan
The incident took place in December last year when the 31-year-old Indian driver allegedly hid outside the the 42-year-old Indian woman's house and used his mobile phone to secretly film her through the exhaust fan vent.