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a structure in a hollow organ (like the heart) with a flap to insure one-way flow of fluid through it

device in a brass wind instrument for varying the length of the air column to alter the pitch of a tone

the entire one-piece shell of a snail and certain other molluscs

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one of the paired hinged shells of certain molluscs and of brachiopods

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The Cool Flow Exhalation Valve makes breathing easier and helps reduce heat and moisture buildup in the facepiece and provides cool, dry comfort.
Wearing a respirator in the heat causes sweat to accumulate inside the face piece, which can lead to choking or exhalation valve sticking.
The AVEA incorporates a revolutionary user interface for maximum flexibility with simplified operator interaction, a precision gas delivery engine including a patented three-stage internal inspiratory flow sensor and servo-controlled, and an active exhalation valve for improved accuracy and performance.
It Should Cool Flow Exhalation Valve Which Makes It More Comfortable In Hot And Humid Condition.
The top-of-the-range High Visibility 5000 Series has, in addition to its reflective qualities, several advantages for the user: a preformed nose bridge for individual adjustments, three sizes of mask, a soft "Willtech" seal with absorbent properties and an exclusively designed exhalation valve for greater breathing comfort.
Each palmtop ventilator contains a gas delivery system with active exhalation valve.
Smaller aircraft used on domestic routes in Taiwan do not meet the standards set for transporting SARS patients (3,4), which prompted the design of the PIU, an airtight polyvinyl chloride bag with a one-way inlet valve and an exhalation valve.
The exhalation valve keeps your face cooler and minimizes eyeglass fogging.
Latex-free, high elasticity headbands further contribute to wearer comfort and another feature of the design is a high efficiency exhalation valve for increased wearer comfort when working in a high temperature or strenuous working environment.
The left side panel has the Power On/Off Switch, External Power supply Connector, LED Charging Battery Light, Pneumotach/Flow Sensor input, O2 Sensor Connector, Exhalation Valve Connector, Airway Pressure Connector, Patient Gas Connector and Alarm Reset Switch.
The Bird Mark 7 and Mark 8 Respirators shunted 50 psig gas from the 'center body' to power not only the nebulizer but to push a diaphragm over an orifice in the exhalation valve during the inspiratory phase.